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Guess who's back! I'm gonna try to return to my writing.


About Make Your Mark · 5:47pm Jun 8th, 2013

I've decided to stop trying to rescue what I wrote. It's horrid, it's amateur, and it's not salvageable. I'm not going to edit the story. I'm just going to start from the ground up and rewrite it chapter by chapter, starting with the prologue. I should have that up by tomorrow. Apologies to anyone who liked what I had, but I hate it and I need to like what I write or I wind up quitting. Here's hoping the new version will be better.

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did you hear about what happen in new York city shooting and van crash prey for them eliyora

So it is her... Eliyora.
I've never thought I see the day she has an account here.... I am so following her! :pinkiehappy:

I seriously need to pay more attention to whether or not my favorite Brony reviewers are on fimfiction or not. You are awesome Eliyora!!:pinkiehappy: *immediatly follows*

1600874 Yes, I be an Eliyora fan.
(I would believe that, given that they both stated that they relieved it to the fans and...kind of had moments where it felt way too real and sad for the couple. Hope for the best though)

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