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I've seen and heard fans talk about having/wanting Applejack and Rainbow Dash become a couple. All I have to say... ARE YOU ALL NUTS? Ok, lets be clear, I'm no expert on what makes a good couple, I'll admit I've never been on a date before, but even I can see these two could never work. Lets look at the facts: Fall Weather Friends, Castle Mania, and Non-Compete Clause, from these three episodes alone they're arguing, challenging and have down right been nasty to each other to the point that

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Thank you for looking at my... Wait, you FAVED!? Uh. Well. Thank you, and let's hope i don't lose this interest you have shown.

Thank you for having added Nicholas & The Crystal Star to your favorites. I hope you will have a happy hearth's warming! :ajsmug:

Thank you so much for having added Valhalla to your favorites! I hope you continue to enjoy it as more chapters comes out. :ajsmug:

Thanks for the fav.

Sweet more people stories to read

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