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I'm a writer, always have been always will be. My intrests are for making stories mostly about Changelings, because really; they need love to. Enjoy my stories, leave a like and comments.


The new Story! · 6:47am Dec 11th, 2020

Hey all it’s been a while and I wanted to give a slight update.

I’ve been holding off writing for a while for a few reason, some personal and some mostly because of work and worrying about this thing happening in the world right now. Had to buy a cooling fan for my computer because it was heating up and at times shut down on me. So I’ve mostly been doing tests with the fan and it works fine I haven’t had a message about it for a while. And it seems my laptop loves to update a lot so, yeah.

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question have you ran across any samurais as of late??:pinkiehappy: :heart:

Is their going to be a new chapter yet?

one letter at a time!

its going slowly starting to write again

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