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I'm a writer, always have been always will be. My intrests are for making stories mostly about Changelings, because really; they need love to. Enjoy my stories, leave a like and comments.


What's going on · 8:30am April 26th

I know it been a while and many are asking a few things.

where are the stories, the updates, and such? and well it's just I've also been quite drained. with this virus going around, my grandfather cancer going up and down, this would've been week 7 without work, and luckily I am being taken care of in terms of unemployment, and among other things.

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question have you ran across any samurais as of late??:pinkiehappy: :heart:

Is their going to be a new chapter yet?

one letter at a time!

its going slowly starting to write again

how sorry bad speller.

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