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Hello and welcome the My Little Dashie group. If you're here, you might as well post stories(MLD related obviously) to the proper folder. Speak your mind about the fiction in the forums and chat with fellow MLD followers.

P.S: Rob joined the group *Squee* And we have over 200 members! *double squee*

Link to the original fiction: Click Here For Awesomeness

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Me after reading and watching the story:

Comment posted by i forgor deleted Sep 11th, 2021

Or you can read my fifth installment

I've read the fic and all three sequels...wish it hadn't ended like that but...what can ya do?
A: find an alt. ending.

This group is beautiful. I’ve read the fiction and the sequel created by someone else, and read the comics on deviantart. I LUV MLD! :heart:

Huzzah to the group!:rainbowkiss:

Lordfrieza the song you posted says this video is private :pinkiegasp:

This song works for most of the MLD stories, that said I love the stories, and enjoyed the readings done by Derpypony22 on Youtube. I love reading the stories, and while I've had the thought of doing a story for MLD I've pretty much held back. I know how I write, what direction I go to, and I just wouldn't want to do that to Brian or Dash.

(When I started writing one I stopped because it became a Dashie discovers Mr. Davie story. Yeah, I stopped there for good reasons. I just didn't want to make her go through watching Cupcakes with Andrew WK playing in the background.)

I am still convinced this would be a good theme song for the whole story.

Comment posted by MetroXLR99 deleted Mar 16th, 2014

a group dedicated to one of the best stories of all time?

Ello everyone IAMCHEEZY reporting. So I thought of making a alternate version of my little dashie a threequel. With more characters, a changed plotline and a twist. Im hoping to start the chapters up in may if anyone cares do pop in sometime. Warm regards, a cheezy snack :D

I investigate the fandom cause of a story written by a hater...reverse effect of what he meant to do I'm sure....watched the show cause of this and I Couldn't Wake You, Cause You Could Never Wake Up Again. :scootangel: I wanted to know more about the characters and now I'm a brony. All because of 2 sad stories. MLD having the biggest effect. The first episode I saw was the one with Flim and Flam. I still think it's the funniest episode and I can never stop watching the show. MLD showed me that the fandom can really lead to some emotional stuff and if not for the story I would've probably never thought to learn more about the characters. :yay: :twilightsmile: :raritystarry: :rainbowdetermined2: :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug: The mane 6 show emotion alot. We've seen Dashie almost cry but hide it and Twi both sad and go through a break down in Lesson 0. The emoticons on this site are less then what we've seen.

That Video - My Little Dashie, was completely amazing.... Only two online videos have ever made me cry as much as this. Snowdrop by silly filly studios, and My Little Dashie. If I could I'd give you a standing ovation. Although the one thing I was hoping for was rainbow dash looking "thru" the tv to her daddy. Would have made for an amazing ending.

343691 in what ways would you pout "pointers?" as in pointers to groups, or to stories, or what?

Im new to this brony stuff ( honestly the amazing story "My little Dashie" was the thing that made me one in the first place) and I would like some pointers, can anyone or anybrony help?:scootangel:

enough said just watch it.

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