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Why Beyond Life and Death is STILL in Hiatus. · 1:10am Aug 4th, 2015

Given that I have fans of My Little Pony: Beyond Life and Death now.
I feel obliged to address said fans on just why It's been taking so long to update said story.

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1482956 Yeah. Until I do, My Little Pony: Beyond Life and Death is going to remain in a stalemate.

I can't trust myself to write properly, anymore.

Are you still looking for a prereader?

The story has a real 'Christman Carol' sense to it
(and, finally has Discord using his talents the way they SHOULD be for a 'Master of Chaos')

Just waiting on an Update, now.

Thanks for the fav for How he truly feels.

I'm his internet buddy too. I slightly helped with the Onyx story before it was released. Well not really..... I just gave some advice and idea's, I doubt he remembers. I barely remember.:applejackconfused: o well.:twilightblush:

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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