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One fateful day, Discord felt a disturbance in the balance of things. Not just him, but Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, too. They all know what happened.

Laughter had experienced a loss.

This is for the loss that has been endured on 8/11/14, of a comedy icon that never failed to try and make everyone smile. O Captain, our Captain.

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A nice and sincere tribute to Robin Williams, we shall treasure his legacy forever. :heart:

This... was amazing. :pinkiesad2: Great job with this, Harmony Charmer.

Gonna totally share this on my Brony fb group.

Discord didn't respond immediately. Instead, he looked up to the heavens, a thoughtful look upon his features. He looked up at the darkening sky intensely before he said anything. "One time, I had a friend that was a genie. He was a total nut, but he was an awesome nut."
"Is this a joke?" Pinkie asked, "Because I know every genie joke in existence and I don't think I know one that starts like this."
Discord shook his head. "No, it's not a joke, even though I think genie jokes are hilarious." He looked back up at the sky. "Anyway, this guy was awesome. I never had a friend like him, and he knew it, too. He liked to make people happy, even if it cost him some of his own happiness." He sighed. "All he asked was that the last wish his master made was that he be free from his role, so that he could live happily."
"And nopony did?" Cheese suggested.
Discord shook his head. "He lived in that stupid lamp for thousands of years and all he wanted was to be free. Finally, after a long time of bouncing between masters, he met a guy who fell in love with a princess. And even though it was a bit crazy for awhile, in the end, my friend was free."

...gawddammit...I almost made it without crying....

Goodbye Robin...We'll never have another friend like you...

*Takes off my tiny tophat*

*Puts it to my heart, is silent*

I love it when everything ends on a high note, followed by a chuckle.:pinkiesad2: We'll miss you Robby, and we'll carry on.

:pinkiesad2: :fluttercry: :applecry: :raritydespair:

Even though I've never met him in person, Robin Williams was the first man that I saw as not just idol, role model, and hero, but as a father-figure. I have always thought that I could call him 'Dad' and it would be second nature. He will be forever missed.

Robin, ye will be missed somethin' fierce. Farewell, where e'er ye fare. May th' road rise up t' meet ye, an' th' wind be always at yer back. May th' sun shine down upon you, an' th' skies be clear for all o' yer days. An' jus' fer a wee bit o' measure, make all them lads an' lasses tha' call themselves gods laugh 'til they be needin' a doctor's aid!


Damn. That was incredible. Well done. Very well done.

We must keep the Laughter going. Find a video on youtube of your favorite bits and share them around.
Just keep bouncing them around facebook or here. Just keep the laughs going so that we don't drown in tears of sorrow.

For our captain, let's make someone laugh.

My heart feels empty. It shouldn't. The genie has truly been set free.

I'm going to have a very sad birthday tomorrow.

Goodbye, Robin Williams.

Good bye Robin. We will forever miss you and cherish the memories of you.:pinkiesad2:

Robin Williams... was like a hero to us.
When he left us, he took a piece of us with him.
Even so, what he left on Earth will be treasured forever...
Goodbye Robin.

We will remember you forever.

And another light goes out.:fluttercry: We carry on the torch Captain, we carry on the torch.


This story hit me in the feels.... :raritycry:

R.I.P Robin Williams. You always made us laugh.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams. :pinkiesad2::heart:

:raritycry: Nanu nanu, Robin Williams. We truly ain't ever had a friend like you. You cannot be replaced Oh Captain, Our Captain.
May your soul find peace in death.:raritydespair:

:fluttercry: Very heartwarming and tearjerking story, excellent honor of a man who gave us so much laughter growing up

Rest In Peace Robin Williams. You will always be that big blue friendly genie. <3

He'll see St. Peter and ask, "Can I have a room next to the comedy club?"

St. Peter will smile. "Mr. Williams, we named it after you!"

...I think it's finally starting to sink in that he's really gone.

Oh, Robin... Why'd you leave us hangin'?
I'm gettin' all choked up!
But ultimately, we know why he did it. In the end, even he wanted to shut himself up for five seconds.

Oh, and also pony death tributes. What the FUCK, Fimfiction? What the FUCK is wrong with you? He's dead! Get the fuck over it! Disliked with all the fury I could muster.


Who was an anti-Semitic stereotype. Yes, because I would like to be remembered as "that guy who played the obnoxious Jewish genie."

And then people would ask, "Which one?"


You're an asshole.

4843271 :flutterrage: Your the reason i wish I could punch people over the internet! Though your definitely a prime example of what a human with out a soul is like.

Now that 'I've gotten that out of the way...

This was perfect Harmony don't change a word. The world actually seems a little Darker without him.

Feel free to hate Robin Williams. Go right ahead and celebrate his death if that's the kind of person you are. Hell, put together a party with some like-minded friends for all I care. Just please don't go out of your way to attack and insult other people who did care for him and want to grieve in whatever way they can. It's disrespectful, and it doesn't benefit anyone. They have just as much right to react to his death as you do.

:raritycry: R.I.P. Robin Williams. Keep the people up in Heaven laughing. :pinkiesad2:


4843296 Well aren't you just a little ball of sunshine. I bet you're fun at parties.

Hello there little troll, are you lost?
Cause you need to get the hell out of here.

I'm in tears of happiness. Because you're story has reminded me not to feel sad about his passing, but to rejoice at his memory. Thank you this is exactly what I needed today.

Good night Mr. Williams you will always be alive in our hearts.

Thank you for this, I know I needed this.

:fluttercry: You made me cry, in a good way

:pinkiesad2: we are all hurting, you made me feel a little better

:raritycry: sometimes you just have to let it out

This made me think about something quite depressing. Every minute, a couple of people die. People work really hard to mourn this man, but I feel bad for the average people, who aren't as talented as some, the ones that aren't famous. Some aren't important enough to change the balance, that's for sure.

I know this sounds like a troll comment, but it isn't my intention. Just thinking about my father while writing this. He wasn't important enough. If only he was famous, then he wouldn't have been mourned by only 3 people.

Comment posted by SoulofLegend deleted Aug 15th, 2014

As for this story, I'm looking forward to reading it when I get home from work.

Robin Williams was an all around special man and it's comforting to see so many people coming together to remember him and support his loved ones.

dude go fuck your self and die:flutterrage::trixieshiftleft:

Am i a dick for not crying at funerals or this story? I prefer maintaining respectfull silence.

There is only one thing my grammar nazi senses tell me i should point out and i am sorry if this makes me a dick.

. He said, 'You're only given a little spark of madness. You must'nt lose it.'"

It's "mustn't.

Also i don't get the reason for pony tributes but this is a nice one. Well at least better than the "I want some pony drawings for my bro's real life funeral." At least pony tribute fics aren't so intrusive in the seriousness of a funeral. I wouldn't like for someone to recite or cramp my grave with pony drawings. Well maybe one or two but still... Sometimes the pony tributes get spaggeti level. At least respect when you do this. Don't flaunt it.

That being said favliked.

Telaros #41 · Aug 13th, 2014 · · 10 ·

4843271 Thumbs up for achieving your goal to illicit responses from people you were looking for.

Achievement Unlocked, Recieve at least 5 negative comments. 10 Points
Achievement Unlocked, Acquired at least 10 Downvotes on a single post. 10 Points.
Achievement Unlocked, Got a Blue response. 15 Points.

You really do show others just how easy it is to incite reactions to obvious try-hard attempts to get reactions. Figured since you got them I'd congratulate ya. You won bruh.

@Everyone else: Seriously?

4843328 You don't get points stating the obvious.

4843348 It doesn't take much to get under your skin. I'd advise anger management classes, or watch more Wonder Over Yonder. Either or.

4843355 That's called a bait comment. They could not care less what you just said either. It's posts like yours and above that respond to try-hards like this, which can't even be called that since that would imply effort put into their post, that just encourages them and would be baiters into trying it too.

4843447 If they got invited to parties, they wouldn't be posting pay-attention-to-me comments on a fanfiction pony site. :trollestia:

4843470 Robin Williams is pretty well known. Many people blog about the guy. What better place to tick someone off than making some random comment on a tribute fic to said. I mean, dude even made a blog claiming the first person to insult Robin's death as being his hero despite the person being a bitch and having to beg for forgiveness as said hero tries to mask his insults with 'I didn't mean to offend'.

4843604 4843660 You two are the perfect examples of the type of posters that make people like that moist.

Maybe if we're all lucky he'll blog about his great achievements here like that one blog post he made. I do wonder which one of us will be his favorite commenter. :duck:

thank you and have a good day.
i may be a dick but really man people that just comment fucking crap about people and then your dead meat.
i treat people with respect and try to be nice not like that asshole

Is it bad that I only feel the slightest bit sad at this story? Maybe I've already sadded myself out today or something. I just feel numb.

No, it's totally fine. This wasn't meant to make anyone sad, it was just supposed to be a memorial piece and a little tribute I could offer.

4843776 Well this was beautifully written, either way.

Thank you for this tribute as well, I imagine a lot of people appreciate it :twilightsmile:

4843719 You are just delightful!:pinkiehappy:
You got yourself a follower, friend.

This was too awesome of a read and great way to remember the man who brought laughter into our lives. Thumbs up to the story and Rest In Piece to Robin Williams.:rainbowlaugh:

I also like the reference to Genie in the story, having Discord be his friend before Fluttershy.:pinkiehappy:

God I'm crying. I feel like such a fucking sap for it.

until recently I only had one celebrity death that made me feel sad, and that was Michael Jackson

my "List of celebrates that need to be on mlp" has lost a very high ranking member.

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