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"And here you'll see the statue of the Lord of Chaos, Discord, imprisoned in stone..."

A group of students from the School for Gifted Unicorns are given a chance to visit Celestia's royal garden and a curious filly decides to ask about a statue that's in their tour, where they all hear the story of how the spirit of chaos fell into a stone imprisonment for the third and final time.

Art by: Kabudragon

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*reads 90%*
I-I'm totally not gonna cry...I am NOT GONNA-

"Don't worry, Shy," Discord whispered, cracking his eyes open from their stone state. "I'll cover you."
He returned to stone, waiting for a day when death would take him.

Yes fluttercord! *reads the fanfic* :fluttercry: WHY? DID YOU HAVE TO RIP OUR HEARTS OUT! :raritycry:

No one cry! It's a trick!

She needs our tears for β€” for β€” I don't know what she needs them for! But no matter what happens, you can't cry!

Don't feed her your tear-hear-hear-hear-hears!


Holy geez...the feels! :fluttercry:

I totally heard the song in my head the entire time I was reading, too. Brilliant...and sad as all get out.

Well, that was fucking depressing. Imma read a comedy story now.

Immortality...Such a curse...For those who love...Good-bye Discord may you see Fluttershy again.


Let us Hope

Let us Pray

Let us Beg

For Discord may never die.

Why is there a Spike tag?
Edit: Where'd it go?

This is very well written! YAY!

While this has nothing to do with the quality of your writing, I like talking about these things sometimes so yeah. Tia and Luna let a depressed and, quite frankly suicidal FRIEND "kill himself"? And they HELPED him do so? And even them, he's not even dead! They may not know that he can break out of there whenever, but they DO know that he is alive in there.( In Keep Calm and Flutter on, Discord says being in stone didn't stop him from hearing everything Celestia said. ) They helped a friend commit suicide, and that's okay in Equestria?! Did they try to get him mental help first?Help him get a new life? New friends and new loves! He would be happy again. Sure he would always miss Flutters, but as he grew int o a mentally stable being, he would understand that you can't just give up when someone leaves you.

Fluttershy would likely be devastated if she knew what was happening. Who would want their love to be going through so much pain and sadness, without ever being able to heal? Can Discord even die?

*Shrugs out of the universe* I don't know about romance so whatever. The closest thing I've ever had to romance is feeding a stray cat. This story is very well written and has now made me sad. Thank you

Well........... I cried like a bitch, my heart is burning and the ''Feels'' are waiting for me in the kitchen with a tear knife. Time to cry a bit more.:fluttercry:

You managed to make me cry.. Good job. Good job. :raritycry:

Why do Fluttercord stories always end in death?!!!
*lays down and cries*

oh my god the tears ... holly hell
i mean i hate fluttercord but this is soooo amazingly written
omg so sad
poor discord argghhh
i will add this to my 'Best of the Best' Collection where i collect the best Discord storys ever
and this is definetly one of them

The Sisters didn't have much to do with Dizzy's passing. In fact, many think that when he turned himself into stone, he had actually more or less left the material world. No one really knows that he's still there, and no one dared to try to separate him from Fluttershy's tombstone for fear of unleashing hell unto Equestria. No, Dizzy needed time to mourn on his own terms, and the Mane Six and co. had done well to try to accommodate for that before he went off and decidedly turn himself into stone.

Now I have to make other people suffer, too.

Yep, you know what they say... misery loves company... but i'm not complaining T^T

6055128 Hmm, that's understandable. I wouldn't want to move a grieving Chaos God either!

I'm going to assume, for the sake of my feels, that Discord eventually moves on and DOESN'T let himself be stone forever.

My, feels. :fluttercry: They hurt so good. :pinkiesad2:

Eventually, yes, he moves on.

So elegantly simple. Yet so sad and heartwarming.

This is a masterpiece.

I won't be back in fimfiction for a week.
(I need to cry, this is one of the best short stories i've ever read)
farewell shy!!!!

6055236 Then he finds Fluttershy reincarnated as another being like him... because Faust took pity on the poor creature and knew he deserved a happy ending for all his good deeds.

This was perfectly executed!:fluttershbad::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiesad2:

6054863 Holy shit woman calm yourself.

Wow this story gave me shivers. I love it :pinkiehappy:

Hey harmony sombra isn't immortal to is he? I hate to see him suffer through the same heartbreak as dissy here.

I'll Cover You...

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes...

Dammit. Accidentally liked while trying to hit the Read it Later button. Now I can't take it back without disliking.

So I guess I have to read it now.

He asked for her to buried here

Missing a "be" in there

I-I Can't help but love this... Thank you

Noop, he lost his immortality when he regenerated himself. He's cool.


Well, he's gonna see about half of them die anyway. Besides, why wouldn't he be able to make his friends immortal?

I was actually surprised by this. For some reason I had expected discord to go mad or crazy when fluttershy died, and that was why he was turned to stone again, but this... this is a much better interpretation. ALL THE UPVOTES!

Well, I suppose this is a suitable form of mourning for an immortal being that only ever had one friend/lover. But, despite the fact that he says this:

He returned to stone, waiting for a day when death would take him.

I think it'd be more fitting if he awoke from his stone form in maybe a few thousand years and moved on, as all people eventually do when someone they loves dies. Of course, he'd probably enchant Fluttershy's tombstone so it would last nearly forever.

Not everyone moves on. In fact many older couples die very soon after each other as one does not wish to live without the other. Others, who are not old enough to die naturally (or in this case might not be able to die naturally), commit suicide or simply never remarry, never get close to anyone, and mourn their love thereafter. So while it's entirely possible for Discord to move on, it's also entirely possible that he never would.
Did they try and get Discord mental help? Discord? :rainbowlaugh:
Joking aside, while there is nothing wrong with friends trying to help other friends cheer up and move on, at the same time becoming depressed over the death of a loved one (especially one such as a spouse or lover) is not a sign of being mentally unbalanced. At the same time, while helping them to find new joy is a good thing, forcing your opinions and presence on them is not.

I'm not a fan of Fluttercord for various reasons but this story was sweet, sad and well thought out enough for me to say it's a great one-shot...

6056279 It's merely evidence that, despite his Q-like powers, Discord was still so very human.

Unlike me! :pinkiecrazy:


Nah, not moving on would be far too dull for a spirit of chaos.

Besides, Fluttershy wouldn't want him to waste all of his life away by mourning her.

Edit: Oh yeah, the possibility that any non self-contradicting event will never happen is 0%. So if Discord is truly immortal, he'll stop mourning Flutters eventually.

Nice story! Feels are. Confusing, and sometimes are an annoying thing. However, it would be INCREDIBLE if you wrote a ButtonB-
Choose how this sentence should end!
A) I get a frying pan to the face
B) I get an unusual hat in, TF2, and shut up
C) Boot to the head
D) let me finish my sentence, and possibly ask for an update on a current story.
This is for Harmony to decide!

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry....

6056375 B, but to me please :pinkiehappy:

Why did I have to read this in the last day of school, of my 8th grade, in which I said bye to friends I'd never see again? And it only gets worse at the end of my Senior year...


Edit: Oh yeah, the possibility that any non self-contradicting event will never happen is 0%. So if Discord is truly immortal, he'll stop mourning Flutters eventually.

:unsuresweetie: Where did you get from? I don't imagine it was intended to apply to situations like human feelings or abstract concepts like "getting over" death. Seems much more likely it's talking math or theoretical probability.


Calculus, physics, and probability.

And just because it wasn't meant to apply to the situation doesn't mean it doesn't apply to the situation. That's what abstraction's all about.

Heck, one of the atoms in discord's brain might teleport away and force him to stop his mourning.

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