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The ultimate form of chaos.
The one type of chaos Discord hates.

It has claimed her.

warning: FEELZ
Cover by Alyssa Hartwick

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Comment posted by D Historian deleted Sep 11th, 2016
Comment posted by D Historian deleted Sep 11th, 2016

So.... summery please. How she die?

Oh, uh, some sort of Attack. It doesn't really matter tho, just that the immortality magic failed, and she ded.

AW! Poor Discord, but, what exactly was Fluttershy dying from? It seemed that she looked healthy and wasn't old, so was it weird illness? All in all, it was a good story, and the beginning part was told beautifully!

I did not put detail into HOW, the concept of the story was what Discord feels about it. So...uh...she ded:twilightblush:

That is sad but Discord Celestia and Luna... have to get used to experience this kind of horror over and over again. Perfect subject for a sad story well done. :twilightsmile:

7556088 The thing is, this is the first time that Discord had loved anyone but himself, over the countless years of his existence. That level of despair, something he'd never felt before, would burn his heart to an ashen husk with a pain so severe. It's similar to how the Auditors of Reality, from Discworld, work. They've existed for billions of years, their minds knowing almost everything, but not actually experiencing it; it's to the point that when there are ones who take human forms in Thief of Time, eating a plain soda cracker makes them go unconscious from the sensation, and eating chocolate kills them outright. We don't know if Discord's been around for quite that long, but still, this is his first experience with heartbreak. The devastation would probably make him even crazier than he already is.


And this is why Twilight needs to get on getting her friends to ascend to godhood too, and why I think Celestia hopes to one day have Alicornhood be the norm.

Full of feelings alright.
That was so sad and yet a beautiful short story. Quite contradicting.
Oh, Discord...

Okay that nearly took a tear in my eye

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