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Making Discord realize that he had to take other pony's feelings into consideration, not just hers, was harder than Fluttershy thought it would be.

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This is sweet, and rather more believable than most Discord ship fics. I liked the callback to the Breezies episode.

AW! That was so adorable!:yay:

Awww!!!.. So CUTE!!! *o* :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

...And then, two days later, Discord manages to massively f*ck up his new romance via a deal with the G1 devil.

I'm such a sucker for FlutterCord ships and this is one of the best ever!!!!! FlutterCord 4ever!!!

I just wanted to know I have read this multiple times because I cannot get enough of it. It was one of the first Fluttercord fics I read and still one of the best. You ARE SO GOOD at depicting Discord and Fluttershy. :yay:

Best Fluttercord I can recall reading. I can hear the characters in my head and they act and move like they should (something writers often forget). And I could just see Flutters in Discord's arms, a little mental Fluttershy over her head jumping with joy like she did when Rainbow did the Sonic Rainboom. Even in a situation as far from canon as confessing love (never gonna happen in the show. I can live with that) they sound like themselves.

I particularly like the "well played". Great callback and perfectly in character for Discord. And Fluttershy feels like herself, still uncertain and blushing, but with the perfect amount of sternness and determination to keep her eyes on the prize, getting Discord to become more empathetic. I'm so glad she didn't forget because of the romance, the mere fact that she remembers and cares about something other than the romance at the end elevates this above ninety percent of all romance fanfics.

All in all, great job. Your Discord is also great, because you portray him as slowly becoming more good, but showing fully that he at this point simply doesn't really get morality or empathy.

I want more like this from you. Happy writing.

Love it:heart:. I need a sequel

4445619 Trust me, Frazzled Pony knows what he or she is talking about! So if Frazzled Pony says it's good, then it's really good.

And I concur. This one is one of my favorites too, and as I read it for the billionth time, I can't believe it doesn't have more likes.


When did I become an authority on this? Have you been snooping through my favorites? Or are you just stealth-complimenting yourself? :derpytongue2:

Also, I very much prefer "it" thank you very much!

Kidding, I'm a guy for any future personal pronoun trouble. :twilightsmile:

4620333 Nah, not complimenting myself! Complimenting the author! But I can see how you might think that was what I was doing. :twilightblush: Oopsies! I'm not vain. I don't think this song is about me.

That was soooo amazing.....
Da fluffffff...it's...it's too much...*dies from the cuteness*

GAH!!....OH THE FEELS!!!!!....my heart STOPPED!!....oh I SWEAR FLUTTERCORD WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!....oh!...just....ngh!...so....CUTE!:rainbowkiss: btw good story! Love it! Though it would be cool to see more....oh well...back to the heart attack....GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Feels mode: ACTIVATE!

OH I'M DYING!! It's so darn cute!! I loved this and I'm going to be reading it a lot in the future....it's.....just......GNRAHHHH!!*has a heart attack*:heart:

At the beginning I was scared that is another story about Fluttershy dead, but at the end smile didn't disappear from my face. Really good and cute story. :yay:

Daww, this was cute. But what was that word "man" Fluttershy was speaking of? Don't think I've heard of such a term.

Rereading stories is always good. This is still just as adorable as it was last time I read it!:pinkiehappy:

6112389 The world may never know.

Or at least Equestria.

This is so nice, I read it twice. And squeed almost as hard now as the first time. I love this.

That was just. . .fluffy and pleasant to read. I liked it. :)

Very cute! Great job!

This story is so sweet and I really enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work!!!!

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