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Perry Note

Im a girl who like Mlp and anime... No judging my stories and no rude comments... Enjoy!

Best Ponies


Princess Luna




Best Anime

Fairy Tail

SAO(Sword Art Online)

Blue Excorsist


And Black Butler

Hey there guys! short bio of me:

I like anime, MLP, PPG, and any amazing fluttercord stories.
As you may know by now, My fav shipping is fluttercord and Second is Derpy/Docter.
Favorite color is ocean blue and me love cake!
I am sorta shy (In school and/or outside) but I am friends with many webbing bronies and pegasisters!! If you want to chat or RP than go ahead! We in this community are free to do what mlp fic writers do!

Anywho.. Great to see you here in my profile reading or just checking it out! I hope u guys follow me and I won't let u down!!

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Thanks for the watch Perry!

1751040 I'm glad that you enjoy the ship so much:pinkiehappy:

1750892 Well DUH! Woman... I now ship Soul and Sunset be cuz of u! :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the fave!:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile::raritystarry::rainbowkiss:

1734113 OMG....

I luv that show!!! and now i feel stupid for not thinking about this....

Perry.. The PLATYPUS!!!!!!

1732177 Phineas and Ferb

1730720 :trixieshiftleft:....:trixieshiftright:...


Not.... :raritydespair:

I don't know the reference!!!! :raritycry:

1730717 It's okay, it happens. I was wondering if you would get the reference

1729666 im here and there.. im anywhere!

sorry i haven't been on for a while. im just trying to finish up a story and school exams are coming in 2 weeks... I may not be on a while and once again.. sorry! :pinkiesad2:

life is harsh.... then again, ur gonna need it to succeed..

Where's Perry?

1696140 My drawings skills come from practice.... the only ingredients for a good artists is passion and determination!

Thanx btw!:twilightsmile:

I wish I could draw like you :fluttershysad:


No problem Poke!

Thank you for the follow friend!


No problem! I like the stories put up there... I might even try to put some myself!

1624643 :yay:
i'm glad you liked it!:heart:


Yay! Party time! By the way... I like your "Final days of scootaloo" Story... Amazing work!

of course i'll be your friend!

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