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Eh? Is this mandatory? Alrighty then. "Even though i have no idea what to say ill give it a shot." Hello! "Nailed it!"

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Thank you very much for adding my story The Railway Ponies: Highball to your bookshelf. I hope that you could smell the steam, feel the oil, and hear the song of steel.:twilightsmile:

2091202 Haha, I do try my best.

Well look at you, mister read-y-pants.

1913043 No problem, and i'm looking forward to your post as well.

Thanks for the watch! I hope that what I post amuses you.

1867977 Wasn't a bad B-Day gift if you ask me. Who doesn't like a good Spike episode every now and then?

1716798 Happy B Day Creed! Hows youre bday gift treating ya?

(Hint: Episode 10 of mlp airs today so basically thats the gift :moustache:)

1714605 Rarity: Creed wake up, we are almost there.
Creed: Give me a few more... Zzz
Rarity: *Sigh.*
???: Huh, so Creed is your name?
Creed: Huh? you say something?
Rarity: Nothing darling...
Creed: Right.
Rarity: Well the train stopped, lets get going shall we?
Creed: Mhm.
Rarity: Well, I must go check on some things now that I'm here.
Creed: Same here, later.

Creed: Hm... Wonder what place I should go to for lunch.
???: I know this one place that serves bacon.
Creed: I know something was off... Who, and where are you?
Sire: Call me Sire. And I'm in your head
Creed: Right... So what do you want "Sire"?
Sire: To disembowel you.
Creed: ...
Octavia: Creed are you ok? you look pale.
Creed: Um...
Sire: Say anything about me and you will be picking up your guts and trying to put them back in.
Creed: I'm am sick, I'm going to find a cloud to sleep on and not get murdered.
Octavia: Ok... wait what?

Creed: Ok, Who are you? And what do you want with me?
Sire: Oh, i just need you go get something for me.
Creed: Which is...?
Sire: Where is your mother?
Creed: What the hell this have to do with anything?
Sire: Whoa no need to get all worked up. Do you know of the old Castle?
Creed: Of Celestia and Luna? Yes.
Sire: Go.
Creed: Huh?
Sire: Go! Now!
Creed: Right...

1710717 RD: *panting* Not... cool... jerk...
Midnight: What? I got you to get out of the hospital, get exercise, and assist in defeating two powerful creatures in the process of helping a princess. you even have a scar that you can show off to your fans as proof
RD: I have a- OH CELESTIA! I'm scarred! My perfect body marred by a foul beast! I'll never get the recognition I deserve for my exploits if I have an accursed scar upon mine leg!
Midnight:... did Twilight get you a word-a-day calendar for your birthday?
RD: Hearth's warming actually.
Midnight: Here's a saying from where I'm from "Scars are tattoos that tell better stories" and like your cutie mark, this proves your awesome. And I bet DD has a bunch of scars!
Midnight: Alice Kimberly Yearling. You might know her as Daring Doo
RD: You know Daring Doo?!
Midnight: yeah, we've met... and she keeps bothering me to get her into the artifact room of the castle every time we meet
RD: And you won't?! She's like a hero!
Midnight: She is actually a thief in the legal sense, she steals artifacts from where they belong to sate her own curiosity and possibly avarice
RD: You take that back!
Midnight: I am only telling you the truth. Luna wanted to put a bounty on her head but I told her that the bounty-hunting market had been abolished after the end of griffonian piracy
RD: ... how much would she put on her head?
Midnight: Well, considering she hasn't broken any trading rules and is a high profile thief that has been known to take valuable artifacts to ass to her own private collection, possibly around 200,000 bits or more
RD: Whoa
Midnight: yeah, but unfortunately, since she has no paper trail up to this point except for her books, we can't really do that because in the eyes of the populace, she's a fictional character
RD: wow... that is so cool!
Midnight: *Sighs* Let's just get you home Skittles

Twilight: what? A criminal?
RD: yeah! With a huge bounty on her head!
Midnight: She would, if it were legal to and the populace believed she was a real pony
RD: Yeah! But what about axolotl? He's a bad guy
Midnight: he is also the Maran god of felines and wealth, and just wishes to have his kingdom back to its former glory, in a way, he's like Discord except handsomer
Discord: ... I'll give him that, he does know how to cut a dashing silhouette, and the tail-hand is pretty neat too
Twilight: *jumps* Discord! What are you doing here?!
RD: Yeah!
Discord: I'm just here to borrow a book on modern fashion, so I know what not to do, that and Rarity always screeches when she sees me near clothing. You'd think that she'd want to get my measurements considering my size and shape but...
Twilight: oh... I'll talk to her about it...
RD: Why would you wear clothes? aren't you usually nude?
Discord: silly pony, if I was always something, there would be no irregularity to me, and I exist to create irregularity
Midnight: Makes sense to me. I wear the same clothes everyday so I'm not one to talk
Twilight: *groans* Fine! Clothing is fun! Why don't we all just wear socks while we're at it?!
Midnight: ... I'm surprised that you wear socks Twilight, a stingy mare like you? Preposterous!
Discord: that suits me! *snaps fingers*
Twilight: ... these are kinda nice
Rd: My hooves feel supper... Pft! tingly!! heheheheheheheee!
Midnight: ... cool, well, I need to go check on the crusaders, see you all later

1708729 Rarity: We have a problem.
Creed: Indeed we do.
Luna: Tia? I heard a loud bang, Are you ok?
Creed: Heya Princess... Well it looks like it's about time for my shift, i'll get going.
Luna: Creed. Stay. Rarity, what happened?
Rarity: Well something ran out of the portal and is now probably somewhere in the castle.
Creed: You should have seen the thing, It was almost as fast as Rainbow!
Luna: Creed, I had trusted you...
Creed: Well... you see i had no choice.
Luna: Explain.
Celestia: Yes i would very much like to know why to came into my room, uninvited, entered my hidden chamber, and have released a creature from an unknown universe in Canterlot.
Creed: Oh, Princess Celestia. You're here to? Have i ever told you how........... Beautiful your mane is?
Celestia: That was your first ever compliment to me, and you wasn't even honest...
Creed: Well like i said i can explain.
Luna: Then do so.
Rarity: ...
Creed: ...
Celestia: Yes...?
Creed: Hold on, I'm thinking of an excuse.
Rarity: ~Facehoofs~
Luna: Creed we are going to have a talk.
Rarity: *Good luck*
Creed: *Yeah I know...*

Creed: Luna, I-
Luna: How about you take a brake from Canterlot Castle for a while? Come back when you are ready to follow orders.
Creed: Right, i guess.
Luna: Rarity will be done with her work in the morning, you can catch a train with her.
Creed: Alright...

Rarity: These trains always feel so lonely, like only we ever gets on them.
Creed: ...
Rarity: Hey did you ever find that thing that left the portal?
Creed: ...Crap.

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