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Every time you read one of my stories, an orphan is allowed to be happy. Do it for the orphans.


For Rarity, waking up with split ends is the absolute worst thing ever. Unfortunately, a mysterious stallion proves otherwise when he warns her that Armageddon is approaching and Equestria is doomed, and if that happens, she can kiss her well-coiffed mane farewell. Now the timeline is splitting worse than Rarity's hair as our intrepid heroine travels back again...

and again...

and again in order to save the world, with perhaps a smidgen of help from Princess Luna. And if she happens to find the time for a trip to the spa along the way, well... A mare can't be blamed for wanting to look her best, can she?

Thanks as always to JeffCvt for editing.

Further thanks to Prak for prereading!

Fantastic cover art provided courtesy of Pony-Berserker. Check out his other work—it's all amazing.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 148 )

I already read this so I'm upvoting it now. Seal of approval. *thumbs up*

Ooh, really like how this is turning out.
+1 thumbs up/favorite, I'm following this through until the end. :twilightsmile:

Like that Tom Cruise movie, except with comets.

Out of curiosity, what inspired this?

This was published what, three hours ago? And it's only got 42 views and 15 upvotes. And it's already in the featurebox (with mature stories turned off). Well, congratulations. Now to start reading.


I find myself alright with this.

I honestly just wanted to write a Rarity story and came up with the title "Rarity Saves Literally Everything". Everything else kind of evolved from there.


Hmmm I sense a bit of Donnie Darko in this. I am intrigued.

You have my interest darling.

The idea of Rarity being the unlucky hero is so appealing to me. This whole idea just has me excited for the rest of the story. I am certain that the comet isn't the only end of days she will have to stop. I am guessing this is going to be a death cycle much in the veins of Hard Reset. As it is though it does not feel you are borrowing much at all from that tale, which is good, but don't be afraid to be similar if you need/want to.

Just to throw a prediction into here. There are going to be several different end of the world events involved and one of them is going to be a total groaner like zombies and that is when rarity gets fed up with everything and snaps temporarily.

Well now that I've read it, I can say that I think it is deserving of the honor.

This story also has me imagining Luna and Celestia constantly trying to one-up each other by giving themselves more titles. It is a very amusing image.

Just based on the premise... I fave and like.

I didn't read any of it YET, but that synopsis is AMAZINGGGGG!!

I WANT TO READ THISH!!!! *SCREAMS* :raritydespair:




Story seems harmless enough. *follows*
First paragraph was okay. The writing felt an itsy bit wonky.

I think I'll need to make myself to read this. I really, really, really, really want this story to succeed.
A Rarity time-loop story done right; that would be amazing!

Comets are gay. Like, Samuel Clemens gay. Cuz he was all gay with Halley's Comet. He was in and out with Halley's Comet.

Totally gay.


Paused mah readin' to provide some feedback.

Beware of gimmicks. Perhaps it's intended, because you're trying to match your writing style with how ponies might perceive Rarity (e.g. shallow, superficial). But it's not fun to read. It felt scribbled and unedited. A simple, Opal scene would have been nice, since it would be a nice contrast to the insanity Rarity might confront when saving the world.

You can be funny. And you can be clever. I enjoy your Rarity's dialog, especially her quips or "fancy" talk. But gimmicks like Luna's long list of titles, was just tacky.

*continues to read*

The Majora's Mask is strong with this one.

Ah liked the sneaked in "prophecy of doom." Brought a small smile.to mah face.

Ah think ah might have been a tad harsh. Everythin' after the pots of coffee seems ta be written well.
Currently stopped readin' at the Meri and Twilight part, but ah'm having lots of fun seein' focused Rarity. Everythin' seems real nice. :heart:


No, I appreciate the honest criticism. I'm always looking to improve, and constructive comments like yours help. Thanks!

Hay Budget reminds me of a soggy potato. Not sure why he needed to appear, especially since "Armageddon" was already brought up.
Time to continue. Read, ahoy!

Alright, done.

Rarity was written well.
Luna... not so much. She came off as meek, and felt like a set-up for shipping and exposition.

I'm a tad worried, but I trust in your abilities. You know how to write. But some scenes just felt rushed.
So I'm a mixed bag. Haha.

Eager to read more. An' a lil dissapointed in what the first chapter actually offered.

Thank you for sharing. Sorry for being so critical, but Time-Loop fics are one of my many weaknesses. Gwah!!!
Good luck!

>comedic description
>no comedy tag

I'm confused. Is the comedic tone not a major thing? The description implies that it is. I've added this to my RL list, but the apparent dissonance between the description and the tags has me wary.

Of course, my concern could just be nothing. After all, Hard Reset reads mostly like a dark comedy, but the lack of a comedy tag is justified. Or I could just be rambling about nothing, since I'm currently suffering from a rather bad cold or something that makes it hard to think.

Well this has gotten my attention.


I just prefer to keep my stories to two tags if possible, and the two that I chose seemed most relevant. However, now that you mention it, that practice could be too misleading. I'm trying to keep the tone relatively light, but aside from a spot of direct humor here or there, the subject matter should remain mostly true to the tags. Hopefully it won't be too off-putting.

I'm highly intrigued, what do you believe the rate of update would be like?


You can expect releases every week, give or take a few days.

Okay, Rarity hearing things nobody else can? Alright, I'll go with it as confusing as that is.

Pleeeease let this be another Hard Reset.

Or better yet, a Hard Reset 2...

Interesting start so far. The possible (probable?) RariLuna ship is not something I've seen before. This deserves an up vote for now. In a few chapters I'll decide to really follow this. You have my attention for the moment.

One piece of advice: beware of forcing the humor. Luna's long list of increasingly mundane and silly titles did get a small chuckle from me, but it does feel a little forced. You could turn it into a funny running gag if Luna was particularly proud of her swings accomplishment and brought it up often or if the list of silly titles is from some obscure rule that every single accomplishment by the Princesses must be added to a list of titles and Luna is really embarrassed about the silly ones.

Great, looking forward to more!

Comment posted by Wolfcape deleted Sep 1st, 2014
Comment posted by Wolfcape deleted Sep 1st, 2014

Oh my :trollestia: it's a triple post :pinkiesick:
Anyway I'm loving the concept and the story thus far! Continue please :twilightsmile:

I could've sworn the first two didn't register. Thanks :twilightblush:

Don't worry about it
Happens to me all the time :twilightblush:
with maybe 8 or 9 posts instead of 3...

“I convinced my sister to try some a month ago. She accused me of attempting to poison her.”

Now why would Luna ever do that? :trollestia:

That letter from Luna was both the most hilarious and scary thing I have read in a while. And I applaud your ability to make hide and seek sound so grim.

Gotta say, this seems like it will be a great story, especially if it follows in the hoofsteps of the Prince Blueblood Groundhog Day story. My only question though is if Rarity will reset to her sleep deprived state somewhere around nine o'clock in the morning before she goes to the train or the day before.

10/10 Some non biased game reviewing site.

Interesting so far, but you might wanna revise Luna's letter. Her speech pattern is pretty messed up

That picture reminds me of Attack on Titan

4933449 A great story & I hope to read more soon!:raritywink:


Hmm... how do you mean? If you mean the Shakespearean dialect or the capital letters for emphasis, those were done deliberately.

4940139 The Shakespearean thing; it's really unfitting for Luna

Good start.

I think the little parts where Rarity keeps hearing about her having to save the world and no-one else hearing it was actually creepy. It is an old trick, but I think you've executed it very well here.

Looking forward to the next one.

I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't have read this if it weren't for that cover art. Rarity's expression combined with your title is simply goddamn hilarious.

I'm glad that I did read it, though. Liked, faved, etc., etc.

Oh holy shit I am sold on this.

You oh so very have my interest. Don't disappoint me, bro.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by Swashbucklist deleted Sep 3rd, 2014

*cringes that you didn't immediately think of Hard Reset*
Oh well.

TIME LOOP STORY! And it's good. I will expect great things from this story and you PegasusMesa.

I wonder if Rarity has any idea of the usefulness of a weather vane, and how much it would aid her. Aid her real good:rainbowlaugh:

4944623 *Makes you cringe harder by admitting that I never heard of Hard Reset.*

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