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Rainbow Dash hates letting Rarity plan their dates. When she does, they always end up going to lame places like fashion shows, the spa, and exotic boutiques.

Or places like Fashion Land, the most boring, annoying, fru-fru frilly amusement park in Equestria.

Rainbow Dash hates letting Rarity plan their dates.

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Amusing story, I can only imagine Rarity saw the wrestler's not taking care of her fashion line correctly, or not using it at all after all her work and she became enraged. :pinkiehappy:

That was the best sly Rarity! Very nicely done! I liked the role playing at the end, too. I wonder how that wound up?!

I'm don't mind


Fun story.


That was hilarious! Its a really good story

All I can say is that I absolutely loved it :rainbowlaugh:

You. Get on my favorites. I'm more of a Rarijack fan but this was too good not to keep.

Excellent work, and it did sound like Rarity to do that to Dashie. Generous to a fault, and such a tease.


Thank you for the comments! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought.


Thanks for reading!

Interesting. Normally not a fan of Rarity/Rainbow ships, because I don't find them compatible, but this was quite good. I feel like the message of the story is kinda like "if you whine enough in your relationship, you'll get whatever you want", but that's probably just me reading too deep into it. Overall, though, nice work.


Thank you for the comment! I wanted to give the idea that Rainbow's behavior was uncalled for, but I suppose I could have done a better job making that clear.


Rainbow Dash hates letting Rarity plan their dates.

Then...plan your own?

Also, hello PegasusMesa!

7617900 Wow...that was the most cardboard 'hiya' I've ever read. Wow...I didn't know there was anything wrong, okay? i was just trying to be polite and i got that? I'll just go then. i'll try again another time, maybe when you're feeling better, okay? whatever's bothering you is not my fault. Confront the problem at the source, PegasusMesa.

I think the best part is that even Apple Bloom has no illusions whatsoever that it's real wrestling.


Why do you think?

This rarity is so much herself that it's hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

And I subscribe to the theory that they didn't use her designs properly, so Lady Lascivious and her trusty lover the Multi-Hued Murderator had stop such crime to fabulousity. It does make an inordinate amount of sense for them :rainbowdetermined2::raritywink:

This was excellently written to the point where if relationships between the Mane 6 were permitted by the executives I'd fully expect this to happen.

...i mean a little i guess...
but it was Rarity's plan from the beginning to go to the Wrestlinsanity show in the first place
she just wanted to mess with Rainbow to see how long it would take for her to figure it out.
Rainbow did complain, but isn't that what Rarity wanted anyways?
I mean yeah Rainbow could have been more mature, but in the end Rarity showed she could be just as immature as Rainbow by going into the ring and showing her frustration at the wrestlers for...whatever reason...they scuffed her outfits?
have a pony theys fun

That ending.
I cant stop laughing.

Dammit, Mesa.

I liked this, though, good stuff.

There is something inexplicably in-character and wonderful about the idea of Rarity donning a luchadore mask and indulging in a spot of wrestlemania. It just...works. Really well.

Fun story!


That's what I thought. It's only unladylike if they know it's you, see?

I like how the ultimate message of the story is that wrestling is fake.

7619651 Hello, PegasusMesa. Are you feeling better after the other day? You were way out of it when you said 'hiya'. I hope whatever upset you the other day has been dealt with.


100% dealt with.

Fabulous. :raritywink:

That was a very cute story, well done :twilightsmile:

I genuinely came here expecting Fashion Land.
I am sad, because Fashion Land is just so much a very pony and Equestrian thing to exist!
Please do a clone of this story with a real Fashion Land!
Make it a sequel so that Rarity says they are going to Fashion Land and Rainbow thinks she's actually going to WrestleInsanity again but spends half the one-shot cluing in on how Rarity masterfilly punked Rainbow that this is the real Fashion Land!

Needs a sequel where they really do go to fashion land.

I gotta share the hope for a sequel where they actually hit Fashion Land. That would be hilarious. :raritywink:


hey do you have a steam account let's play some vidya


Wooo, I'm so excite!

I dunno if I play any of the same games, but my steam ID is Princess of Edits.

Because everything is better when you can do a full brawl n_n

This was some silly romantic fun. Makes me wish that they actually went to fashionland

Author Interviewer

Great punchlines. :D

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