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Rarity was never one for adventure, or any thing remotely what she considered dirty. But when a spell goes awry, she'll need to change those views if she's to survive the brutal alien hegemony known as the covenant and return home.
Sex for dialogue

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Not a bad beginning but the fact that Rarity just spoke and in English should be commented on, even if they think ONI cooked her up.

6440459 Agree, also Rarity doesn't seems particularly surprised to be in a warzone in an unknown place, surrounded by strange creatures.

6440466 maybe she is in some kinda shock from the spell or something:rainbowderp: i dunno...

6440459 maybe they just thought that if ONI made her, it would be logical for her to speak in english since most people -soldier or civilian- seem to speak it or atleast understand it or am i over thinking this:rainbowhuh:....

First contact went too smooth. Characters are lacking in emotions. You should rework the 1st chapter.

6453328 with the pilot episode: "HONK HONK, WORT BLARG!!!"

6471018 Ah, so many memories with that show, like the episodes 'Sweet and Elites', 'Rangers academy', and 'Too many suicide Grunts'

Oh, Halo 3 reference :pinkiegasp: nice :pinkiehappy:
Does this mean that they will fight on the same side during the battle of the Ark?

Miss Rarity? When did they found her name? Miss Unicorn would be more correct in this situation.
Unless she had saddle bags on her with her name written somewhere. In English.

6441272 I don't expect her to notice war zone around with waking up being in forefront of her mind. Plus, not working legs do add some panic.

AWWW cliffhangers are a vile and cruel way to lure people to read the next chapter by making them wait on it all excited only to be dissapointed when it does not come out in a few days and they forget about the whole thing...

I always viewed the storm covies as the rag tag zealots that had little formal military training and equipment. Like the alien equivalent of the insurrection. That's why they don't have the stream lined gear or full body protection of the standard covenant military.

Maybe if the grunts survive their first combat drop they get the full mask . Idk

Great chapter regardless, I hope you continue!!!

The main reason why I like this is because it has two displaced ponies, and has both perspectives shown

:derpyderp1::pinkiegasp: wow surprise Chrysalis

Looks like ONI is already trying to make trouble to keep their war going.

How can you have more up and down vote then views?? Love the story!!

and eliminate them should they not be

Ah, the common "idiot Celestia". One who both asumes she will win despite All villains thus far having defeated her, and assumes that killing the hostiles would not result in their clearly vastly more advanced society launching an orbital bombardment.

Nice touch the mention of the Covenant Fringe and the Yonhet :yay:
I'm a bit confused, the name of the Kig-Yar is Seth or Sawn? Both names appear in the chapter.

6613138 Sawn. Thought I had fixed that. Sorry.

Based on the note i want to see Twilight's reaction "This is Forge?!".

Wait what nightmare oh boy

6697530 Oh boy is right. Nightmare is gonna be tricky as hell.

My mind just hit the breaks hard. Nightmare!? How?

6701347 I believe I said they were going to Meridian, which has Forerunner artifacts. The rest will be explained next chapter.

6724981 Can you point at the line? Please. I have missed it when I was reading.

And the fun begins for the Halo team. Time to ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!

6725014 Here's the line.

"We're UNSC Marines, Miss. . .," Jacob said.
"Rarity," Rarity said. "What's the UNSC?"

6726161 oh-ah? Think you mean ooh-rah!

6738181 You know what I mean. And that's what the subtitles say in H2A with the opening cut scene to outskirts, if I'm right.

6738238 Asking because you wonder where I got the line from, or don't recognize the acronym?

6738239 sorry, I don't recognize it.

6738251 ah OK though it was probably a mistake, thanks for the info!

...Anthony Dinozzo, from NCIS. ...I love it. :P

Wait, wahhhhhhhh? Ok, new chapter now, or soon please.

Please sir, may I have some moar? This chapter raises more questions than answers, so we need a follow-up chapter that'll explain what the hell just went down, who this splinter Covenant group is, and why Shining is a Changeling, among other things....

Here is my theory: Shining Armor was found near critical condition. He was infused with Changeling DNA in hope for survival and it succeeded! I pray I am correct!

6774417 The splinter group, I can explain here. The Keepers, or Keepers of the one Freedom, were, for fans, first seen in Last Light. They're a splinter faction that is much like the original Covenant, only they allow any race, even humans, to join so long as they believe in the Forerunners as gods, though so far in Canon, only Brutes have been seen in leader positions for it. As for Shining, next chapter.

I don't even. ..
*OS does not compute*

love the prototype suit in halo legends, wish i had one though.

6776882 Every Halo fan does, dude. Every Halo fan does.

LoneShadow...i know right, who doesnt? Oh by the way, when you put oh-ah for the marines it's actually ooh-rah. Just putting it out there, alright man let me know when the next chapter will be out.

"The wise ass here is Anthony Dinozzo, though every one calls him Tony. He's the lovable asshole with an obsession for old movies."

You name a guy after that NCIS character.Really :facehoof: But seriously nice:pinkiesmile:

Hmmmm.... I shall continue reading, and see where this goes....

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