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meh just a guy with ASD that likes MLP what can I say I'm a walking stereotype


Displaced story
Go to Toronto Comicon, check. Buy Dino Thunder Red helmet , yup. End up as a fossil in an Equestria, thats a new one for me.
Hi my name is, or was, Dave (no relation to the PR of the same last name) know hoever I go by Conner. I fell in love with the Power Rangers when I first watched Dino Thunder episode 1 Day of the Dino. but I never thought being a Dino Ranger was so hard, or repetitive

Do not ask for longer chapters. I am working on it.

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Interesting, but feels way to rushed, still wanna cross with it though.

I agree with Cyber here. Nice story though

Sorry if it feels like that hopefully I can improve with time.

I like stories like this I just wish I could find more

I will thanks quick question have u read a fix about a human male get sent to equestria and joins the royal guard and when he joins and they make his armor they tell him that it will come from his mind and he gets a dead space helmet and master ceft chest plate and the x gloves for hitman reborn and he fights celestia in a sparring match as a joining thing oh also he plays in this royal guard war games thing and I just can't find it again cause my computer dead of me and I lost the story

Man alright if I find it or hear about it with the title let me know if that's ok

Cool. I like the spin you're putting on the world and the main character. I'm very interested to see where this goes. Also, YEAH, ANOTHER RANGER!

hmmm, would be nice to have longer chapters, at least 1000 words plus

I'm so happy. Dino Thunder was my favorite generation of Power Rangers. Thank you so much.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug::derpytongue2::rainbowwild::raritywink::yay:

Dino Thunder Roar!

I'll work up to it but it may take a wile, this is my first story after all.

7708829 Although now because of the latest Dino related powerrangers I have come to hate the modern PowerRangers. I prefer the classics like, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, SPD, OverDrive, Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, and to a lesser extent Samurai.

Personally I stopped watching after Samurai, but that was mostly just because of how the basically just re used the original series theme song and the bulls from the Mighty Morphing days.

LOTS of typos but other than that a good chapter

7711435 I recommend watching the rest of the seasons. The Megaforce ones are ok but Dinocharge is Awesome and Judd Lynn worked on it like In Space and Wild Force.

7711494 if you mean that I spell things differently from Americans that's because I'm Canadian. If not that just point them out and I'll fix them

Good start looking forward to see how it continues :twilightsmile:

ok, the red ranger power is superspeed, but the story goes a bit too fast with the pacing

no, seriusly, the last 2 chapter are a crescendo from an already fast pacing. there is a lot of potential tho.

7725036 Sorry about that. This is my first story so I'm still learning how to write proper pacing. Hopefully I will improve in time and likely go back to edit the earlier chapters. Again sorry for any trouble this may cause anyone when reading my story.

Another!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! Longer chapter! DO IT!!!!!!!!

Yea can you make it longer please

7735934 I have said this many times. I. AM. WORKING. ON. MAKING. IT. LONGER. its my first story chapters are gonna be short for a bit until I get making them down.

All Right everyone reading the story, BACK OFF *Growls* if this is his First time writing a story then he NEEDs to learn, exactly how every other Author has had too. so instead of Yelling about the chapters being too short, give him SUGGESTIONS on HOW to improve them!

While I agree we need longer chapters, Hewolf makes a great point, the author is new to this it seems. Given time things will improve. So offer him suggestions instead of demanding.


NP. and if you DO need some help, let me know. I have 20+ years of Rope Playing in chatrooms which can be used as a way to work out what you want to happen.

one thing I have noticed, try to be more descriptive. if you'd like an example let me know.

as it has been pointed out, there is too little on the way of description (for Zordon's sake, you placed a video instead of describing the morph), but that will come with practice

on a more immediate problem, there are a lot of refuses, a sign you should take a couple read of the chapter and spellchecking after you finished writing (some says that you should let a night pass before the check, to make the error more visible to your own eyes, but I'm unsure if it actually works)

7739521 I am spelling things right actually. Its just how Canadians spell things. And do you have any clue how hard it would be trying to describe the morph?

With practice, you can even do that. *WolfGrin*

try this, for each of your characters you now have in your story, sit down and try to write one paragraph describing what they look like.

as Ive stated HEWOLF is a Persona I use in a Chatroom I own/run. IVe had a description for him for years, here's what it is as an example. remember, this is what a good 2-3 Paragraphs have been boiled down too:

A wolf standing over 7 foot tall, fur of a silver so bright it almost blinds, wings made from the starry night itself. about each ear circles 5 stars, about each ankle of each paw circles another 5 stars, while at the tip of his tail floats a single binary star

Much Better. if I can help in anyway let me know

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i can't wait for the fun stuff from the show since it was my childhood and this story made my day.


(Power Rangers Dino Thunder.)

This story is going to be awesome keep me posted

7735882 I agree more please and keep me posted

7796773 I agree
7798706 please upload more chapters for this story

I'm sorry that it is taking me so long to get out a new chapter, the last I posted was just before exams were about to start and since then I've been busy with family maters as well as suffering some minor writers block. Hopefully I can get you all a new chapter soon, until then, thank you all for being patient.

7963777 is that the original Sentai opening animation?

7964763 I think so I can't find the footage on youtube so I'm only guessing

7964755 no problem my friend I'll be waiting for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

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