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This story is a sequel to Headhunters

The headhunters came, saved the day, and then they left. But in their wake they not only left a pile of Covenant bodies – they left Princess Twilight Sparkle with a spark of wonder. An interest in the galaxy that surrounded her little home planet; an interest in the lurking dangers and the magnificent wonders of the universe.

Unfortunately it seems some of the danger and wonder is coming to visit Equis. So it’s time for the bookish shut in to throw herself into the galaxy to find the warriors who would help her defend her home.

Halo (non-canon) vs. My Little Pony (season 4) Crossover

Rated Teen for gratuitous swearing and violence.

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This story and it's predecessor both seem like they would be better suited as arcs in one single story rather than they're own individual ones. Just something I thought I'd point out, but I love them regardless and can't wait to see how you handle the next one. :pinkiehappy:

Well written and captivating. I agree with DAUNTEDSUPERIER in that each story is more of an arc than a full fic.

Keep up the good works, m8! :twilightsmile::ajsmug::raritywink::derpytongue2::trollestia:


Yeah, I agree. But, hey, at least it isn't at the level of the author who was convinced by some fool to take down his awesome fic and repost it with each chapter being posted as a separate fic. Utterly moronic and the author refused to believe his readers when everyone told him it is stupid. Then he abandoned his fic.

The moral of the story is to be glad this series is split into arc-fics instead of chapter-fics.

That grand, all-powerful alicorn matriarch who could move suns with her magic was suddenly no comfort.

But, you just said your system's planets orbits your sun.

The average Spartan-III usually racked up at least twenty kills on a single suicide run.

The spartan-III was probably the worst waste and dumbest move of ONI. Putting someonewho hates Spartans and actively wants to sabotage them in charge of a Spartan program... there are no words. The cheaper augmentations, infiltrator armor, and greater numbers would have made them perfect specRops for supporting soldiers and campaigns. They could screw over enemy defenses and logistics of an attacking force during their attack or of an enemy target position. They could ghost around the battlefield tipping the balance in favor of UNSC forces present.

Instead, the jealous dumbass they put in charge throws them away on utterly useless suicide missions.

This chapter was awesome and full of much badassery! I cannot understand why you don't have more upvotes and comments.

I doubt even ONI would risk screwing up a friendly first contact with even a useless species. Even one without enough numbers or technology to provide resources and who is just dead weight like the ponies. The magic advantage gained through peace with the ponies is enough on its own. There would also be a major improvement in moral by having proof that not all aliens want to kill us.

The badassery and awesome continues! :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was tense.

So this is pre-combat evolved, nice.

I feel as though these Spartans were badass
Good job friend
Too bad they're not hell jumpers
Hell jumpers are the best

6587514 this is ONI your talking about friend
They would almost certainly take her and experiment on her then deny it and claim it was the covenent glassing whatever planet she currently is onon
Fucking ONI

This story has a dumb princess of the sun to a great fight seen! Keep up the good work!

Well, this has been interesting. I hope Trolestia won't strike this time.

“I am not humping anything!”

Says the princess that said fuck to a more experianced princess. Have fun explaining that one twilight! :pinkiecrazy:

>> Havokdapony
He has a point, but they would likely still experiment and then come to Equis( or whatever it is) for their magic and resources as well as setup shipyards and such. Also having an alien race that doesn't want to kill us would be a moral booster, but Equis is populated by multiple sentient species that have their own cultures so that could also be bad. Also xenophobics.:scootangel:

“Brace for gravity roll,” Ishmir reported having gone full astronaut on them. Marko would have thought his buddy was just living out a childhood fantasy if it weren’t for the fact they’d done stuff like this in the Spartan version of kindergarten on Onyx.


6587395 No, doesn't the Sun orbit Equis which in exchange murders all other living life in the Solar System?

“Twilight, all this speak of ending life and destruction,” Celestia began, voicing her concerns with no deviation. “You were the same at the crisis meeting concerning the diamond dog raiders.”

She is saying this right after reminding everyone that each time they have not believed Twilight, she has been proven right and it nearly doomed their world. Now she is telling them that the incoming alien ship is an enemy ship of the same xenos who tried to kill her and are exterminating humanity. Yet, Celestia's reaction is "Oh, no! Why-ever would you suggest such a thing! You must be wrong because I say so." Just like every time and, like every time, Twilight will be proven right.

Nopony believes me about the Covenant bodies in the Everfree Forest.

Re-reading this fic. Didn't believe her instead of looking when she told them she can lead them to the proof she was telling the truth? Sounds like they just don't want to believe it.

The link is destroyed. :fluttershysad: Do you know what kind of song you tried to link?

Ooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!:twilightoops::facehoof:

Is it similar to the saber fighter.:trollestia:

i'm sure the irony is not lost on Twilight.

I mean maybe they believe that bodies are there and not some magical disturbance but remember there has not been a single murder in equestria that we know about I don’t think they would believe all the aliens are this blood thirsty maybe just some post traumatic stress disorder or something
It’s like me saying with very little proof that all aliens are like the The Qu from all tomorrows

Ya that seems like a plot hole like I think the unsc would at least send a diplomatic or science team.
Maybe the Spartans did not tell the government for fear they might do something to them


Sounds like they just don't want to believe it.

"Ah, yes, these...... Covenant. We have dismissed these claims."

“Brace for gravity roll,” Ishmir reported having gone full astronaut on them. Marko would have thought his buddy was just living out a childhood fantasy if it weren’t for the fact they’d done stuff like this in the Spartan version of kindergarten on Onyx.

Ayy, nice to see Onyx mentioned here. I remember reading a book back in HS called Ghosts of Onyx, definitely an interesting read.

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