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While attempting to capture a rogue leader with ties to Russian Ultranationalist rebels, Lieutenant Alberto Vasquez and Sergeant Paul Jackson are ordered to evacuate the city of Basrah before their quarry's forces detonate a stolen nuke. But the warning comes too late and the device explodes, sending their Sea Knight transport spinning out of control and the pair of Marines plummeting to their deaths.

Certain they are dead, the pair come to in a strange new place, a lush land filled with wonderous and sometimes deadly creatures. A place where magic exists, where dragons are real, and the natives are four-legged... and place a surprisingly high premium on friendship. Making their way through this unfamiliar world full of wonder and danger, they soon find they aren't the only things that crossed over. So too did some friends. But so too did the rebels, and the pair soon find that their war has followed them to Equestria and the Call of Duty never ends...

(Ofcourse you know... I dont own Call of Duty)

P.s Please post the sentence where i made a mistake and ill take care of those... please help me make this one a better story than my other ones... please! i beg everypony out there :D :D

Any names mentioned in the story Dead or living are purely coincidencial and clearly made in fiction(Initial Editing and re-writing by Firesight) <<< Thanks! :D

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Wait, the plot is from Call of Duty 4, but you have a CoD MW2 pic? Sort it out, or I'll 360 you.:applejackconfused:


Though you need to work on your grammar, this is a very good story. :twilightsmile:

I recommend getting a beta reader. You have a problem with capitalizing random words in the middle of the sentence when they don't need to be. I'm going to hold off voting and any other comments for now. This has a lot of potential, but right now you wouldn't like what I'd give it.

PS: I know Jackson is a Marine, but no one punches him/herself to check and see if they are awake. Usually it's a pinch...

First :pinkiehappy:. Also good work with the names and all. I,ve seen some people who don,t know their names and shit. And this is from near the end of Call of Duty 4 right?

Well... i must say.. i agree with Ghost...
you should get a Pre-reader...
Otherwise this is quite a great story, and I for myself see A LOt of Potential...

lul ya...in my tabs you go

45819 i know.. but my ONLY pre reader.. is busy with his own story... im on my own for now at least :pinkiesad2:

45803 thanks... i may not able to do a spin off of haylo but i sure got the idea from you marksman... so thanks as well :pinkiehappy:

So Epic, This Is So Freakin' Epic

I must admit I HATE Call of Duty but this is pretty cool. The idea has so much potential like this is the Call of Duty version of Haylo: A New World. Now all we need is Russians to attack Equestria.........

I like your idea, but you need to work on how you say things. Also, you can be past tense, or you can be present tense. Don't try to be both. It makes things confusing and takes away from the story.

Not bad, man. I enjoy a good war fic with ponies, that's why I write them as well. :twilightsmile:

interesting concept. *tracks*

I'm liking the ideas and the story so far.

Keep it up.

Noooooo Vasquez don't leave the chopper people always get killed when they leave the chopper

Really good story, but you could work on your grammar a tad. You also use too many ellipses (...)

45895 i do as you wish! you'll be surprised what twist and turn can happen here

derpy + saiga-12= epic:derpytongue2: or is that just me?:rainbowhuh:

derpy + saiga-12= epic:derpytongue2: or is that just me?:rainbowhuh: typeo sorry:applecry:

45928 ill remember that thanks :twilightsmile: but dont expect too much... i tend to forget some good advice sometimes :pinkiesmile:

big issue i have here...
you should only have non-dialouge or thought scentences end in a period.
unless this is written by a very young child.
This is being read, not told.

45836 if you don't have yet gotten that offer, i wouldn't mind doing so , while he is occupied, not at all...
(I'm quite a fast reader and good at noticing mistakes, So, I'd be happy to be of help)

Great story, but too many ellipses and exclamation marks.

46887 sorry about that ill correct it right now... and FYI im already 20 :twilightsheepish:

47107 let me get on that... RE-READ TIME!!! :twilightsheepish:

46966 no one took the offer yet... pleas do help if possible please :pinkiehappy:

i agree, maybe some work on the grammar.
but other than that, BEST CROSSOVER EVER!
I never thought I'd see my two favorite things in one fic.

47690 thanks... oh and by the way... please send me the paragraph that needs to be changed... and i'll get the work on that.. BELIEVE IT!! :raritystarry:


The Rangers from MW2 should end up showing up somehow.

Soap Mactavish, Captain Price, Sgt. Foley, Roach, Makarov, Cpl. Dunn, Ramirez, Ghost, Nikolai, you should include these MW2 characters, then it would be AWESOME!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

That would so awesome if that was done.

47885n sure i will.. I'll make a Crossover all over the Call of duty Characters and Villains :rainbowdetermined2:

ummm since this takes place in MW1 don't include Makarov, only include MW1 characters because it would make for a confusing story if Makarov and other MW2 characters ended up in the story keep any characters to MW1 please because that's when the story line kicks off, but i would rather you keep it to those caught in the nuke blast because any other characters would be busy dealing with the Ultra nationalist threat maybe after a few months or however long the first MW1 game was and then in-between MW1 and MW2 you can do something where Soap and others (because Price is captured by Russians) try to solve the mystery of the disappearing marines this way the way the characters got into equestria stays logical

48042 I Have the idea .. but it involves a bit in "Command and conquer, Red alert" cause ill be Mentioning the Super weapon "Chromosphere" there.. If thats logical enough dont you think :raritywink:

Not to be a killjoy but hardcore marines saving a horse that they have no clue about?


I have a major problem with the 'shoving a grenade in the manticore's mouth' thing.

The Blast from a frag grenade would - Yes kill the manticore

BUT it would also kill jackson, considering that he is almost point-blank at the grenade. The frag in the grenade wouldn't kill him - no but the sheer pressure change from being that close would

Eh. :S it is your story but he could have ATLEAST been injured :facehoof:

Soap and Price are included in MW1 and MW2, some people think that Gaz survived and returned in the MW series as Ghost. Been playing CoD for years.

49260 let me explain... the manticore has almost going to claw him right? would you have the possibility that he might crawl away before it could explode? hmm? :pinkiesmile:

49260 And frankly... who would just stand by and see a helpless animal being killed by a predator? if you have a kind heart like other people.. you will save the lesser beings... isnt that what soldiers do? protect the weak and innocent? :pinkiesad2:

Aww c'mon a cliffhanger? :twilightsmile:

Oh man, shits is intense!
very nice chapter and curse you cliffhangers!!

you and your cliffhangers......

Hah, You will die.. American.
I bet Vasquez survived, then they're all happy and shit. Happens in every fic... Bollocks.:ajbemused:

Chapter 7
Fluttershy uses hyper beam :flutterrage:
Its super-effective
Them noobs die and the fic ends :twilightsmile:

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