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Watchpony.com needs our Help, Badly. · 10:45pm Nov 21st, 2016

WatchPony is in serious financial troubles, and needs our help to continue doing what he loves.
I watched as he was nearly in tears as he explained his situation, from his dreams to being an actor, his failed projects on his channel, His patreon having no supporters AT ALL, 0 total, to saying he had to leave his apartment and had to live with someone else. On top of all that, he was just in a car crash, and most of the damages have to come out of his already light wallet.

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2424747 Veilen dank thank you for the complement.

2424726 Love Rumbleloo stories, and you kept it light, cute, but still very believable, don't know about anyone else, but I would love to see more of your versions!

Merci Beaucoup for adding Dad, coltfriend. Coltfriend, Dad to your library What about it did you like?

Thanks for the follow! I won't let you down! :rainbowdetermined2:

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