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I am a recreational writer so it may take me a long time to publish stories. I may even try my hoof at making Youtube videos. We shall see.


I know it isn't impressive but these are what would make me a happy Luna:

[_] 50 Followers
[_] 5 complete stories published
[_] 100 Followers
[_] 10 complete stories published
[_] 150 Followers
[_] Have a story featured on Pony Tales
[_] 200 Followers
[_] Have a story receive a reading by Lost Narrator
[_] 500 Followers

Milestone Rewards

As I reach my milestones I will do my best to give back to my followers and readers. The rewards will be as follows.

50 followers - Limited Q & A. No questions about my real life will be answered but future projects may be. Questions about my faves allowed.

5 completed stories - I will write a blog about one of my stories to explain it and why I wrote it.

100 followers - Q&A2. I may reveal more about the real me at this time.

10 completed stories - I will accept one commission for a one shot story from a lucky follower.

150 followers - Q&A3. This is the scary one. I will answer the most FAQ from my followers. Within reason of course still no ASL.

200/500 followers - I will do a commemorative collaboration with one or more followers.

Audio reading by Scribbler/Lost - Links to said readings added to the read story as well as a reply to thank them for the reading. [Video reply if I can ever get a decent movie maker program]

Latest Stories

Living in eternal Nightmare Night

A reading by Astro-Brony


Sorry · 1:21am Aug 6th, 2016

I apologize for the long silence. I still live my little ponies. I plan to resume work on existing stories and perhaps write a few more. I may be a bit slow due to other obligations however.

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Have a Follow for Robo-pony!
any chance youre still working on that at this point?

Thanks for the follow.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! Might I ask why? Either way, have one in return! Cheers :pinkiesmile:

1838428 You're welcome. I hope to see more stories I can enjoy like the last one.

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