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Red The Mel

And now I feel overwhelmed, in a home made for someone else... now I feel overwhelmed come with fear, for someone else's tears.

The Art of The Writing


2:02 am · 6:10am Jun 27th, 2017

I've come to the realization that I haven't looked at FIM since school got out, and it's almost July. I thought I'd come check in... (my whole adventure in GIF form.. from start to finish)



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Heya Guys

Name: RedVelvet Melody

Race: Pegasus

Sex: Mare

Age: 15

Birthday : June 3rd

Coat color: Velvet red with white spots

Hair and tail color: Sandy blonde with a sky blue dye at the ends

Eye color: Caribbean Blue

Cutie mark: Steampunk Heart

Place of birth: Ireband

Currently living in: Ponyville

Relationship Status: Single Pringle for Life

Personality: caring, stubborn, artistically inclined (music, drawing, theatre ect.), scaredy cat, witty, shy, athletic, passionate, emotional

Family: Cotton Note (mom) and Vinyl Scratch (older sister)

Little bit more about the me behind me:
My name is Máiri, Red, or Mel (which ever you prefer or you come up with). I'm from Ireland but moved to America long while ago, so I guess I classify as an Irish American ( but really I'm a spud ). Anyways, I use to be on here a little bit ago, then I quit. Then my email got jacked, and now I'm here.
I'm obsessed with music, in fact I make covers and even had my hand at a music review blog post about vocaloid.
I am an advocate watcher of anime, I don't call myself an Otaku cause that's actually an offensive word in Japanese culture and being a weeb isn't something I'd be very proud to tell people I am so ... call me a Nep if you need to call me something. =^.^=
I do art requests, I'll usually make a blog about it when requests are open. I do plan on doing commissions at some point but I'm always open to random ones so always keep that as a mental note.
I'm not afraid to call anyone out on any of their crap, so if you start something, I'll make a blog post calling you out, like putting fire in a fox's hole.
I don't really like the term Pegasister, so I do prefer being called a Brony, please respect it because when you respect me I'll respect you.
I am an religious person but I don't stuff it down throats and I'm super open about everything, because it's not my place to judge, that between you and Him.
Also, I have two OCs, but the main one you'll usually see is RedVelevet, my second one is named Soul Melody, her story is ... well for a whole other time, but they are both Pegasus'
Anyways, if you ever need someone to talk to about anything or just wanna chat I'm always open for PMs!

Best Gifs That Explain Me


I'm Back! · 4:20pm Sep 25th, 2016

This is the official blog to tell everypony I'm back!

Okay okay I know I haven't been here in a while but you don't have to act so surprised..
A big quiestion every pony has been wondering is why I've been gone, why it says it's banned and all that jazz. And also why I had to make a new account.

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Yep, we got another 45. This time it's RCA 2270, from The Main Ingredient (which sadly lost one of its members to death again recently). The A-side, their pop-R&B performance of "Everybody Plays The Fool" is one of my mom's favorite songs, and the B-side is their rendition of a show tune called "Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me?)".

Also in Songs from the Heart: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209912/songs-from-the-heart/thread/322977/golden-hit-45s-the-main-ingredient---everybody-plays-the-foolwho-can-i-turn-to-when-nobody-needs-me-in-stereo

2450938 Ahhhh you see.. about that...

GOTTA SKEDADDLE! -runs as fast as i did after PE, which was really slow-

Hit 45 time, and we have Philly Groove 152 (UK Bell BLL 1028). It’s one of the Delfonics’ three 1968 hits, BREAK YOUR PROMISE, accompanied by one of several renditions of ALFIE.

Here ‘tis:
Also in Songs from the Heart:

Ill give you a fucking medal for that JohnTron gif

Sadly, im poor so youll probably only get a Chocolate Coin.

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