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The one and only group of entertainer, entrepreneur and storyteller John M. Lariosa, best known to us as Galaxy Nebula.

Now let's hear from the man himself.

Hey guys! Galaxy here! ^^ Thank you all so much for joining this group dedicated to me. It means a lot, know you guys care. I would just like to post a few rules.

1: No rude or hateful comments towards other users
2: If you don't have anything nice or helpful to post, don't post it
3: If I find you posting rude, hateful, or NSFW stuff, you will be banned.

Also, feel free to post any stories featuring or written by me in the folder (Within reason, My E.S.F series is alright to add) ^^

So, enjoy! ^^

Admins: Myself, Vanilla Mocha, RedVelvet Melody, Icy the Charmander, and Jesse Coffey

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*removed MELODY OF DARKNESS from "Galaxy Nebula's Greatest Hits" with exception of its subfolder "Galaxy Nebula's Personal Favorites" as that story technically wasn't written or put out by him.*

*EDIT: Never mind. A story defaults to one folder after being put in a subfolder, as I just discovered.*

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