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This is a shipping group for my two friends, Icy and Mocha :twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy being part of this group.


1: No foul language

2: No hateful comments

4, no hang on, 3: Have fun ^^

Admins: Myself, Vanilla Mocha, and Icy The Charmander

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Cool! Now there are like... 2-3 groups about Icy x Vanilla!

By the way: Vanilla Ice is my new OTP! :heart: :rainbowkiss:

All le shipping names are beautiful <3 As long as they're our names, get as creative as you want mixing those words! <3

412140 Icy Mocha is my shipping name for these two :ajsmug:

412143 *Chants my shipping name*

412141 Come on, everypony, with me!
Vanilla Ice!

Vanilla Ice!

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