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A group for the good friend, another good friend's stallionfriend, and overall swell guy, Icy the Charmander!
Come and give him support, hugs, and muffins (apparently)!
Plus, he did just return to Fimfiction. Why not give him a warm welcome back?
- thegamerator10

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I'm here because we're friends now. :rainbowkiss:

Wow, there's about 5-10 groups about you guys. :pinkiehappy:

412549 I think it does.

412546 De nada, mein freund!

412546 ^D^ Lol, I have like 3 too XD Does my support group still count? If so, I have 4 ;-;

412542 This is so sweet and awesomeeeee... ;-; there's three now. ^D^ Thanks Zef!! :heart:

412540 Cause I'm in yours and we're friends, silly! :pinkiehappy:

412541 I sent him an invitation and told him to see my blog about it ;-;

412538 Maybe Icy should actually BE here though

Here like 'why the f not?' :rainbowlaugh:

412538 It is!

412537 :pinkiehappy: This is so cool! I'm so happy for Icy ^D^


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