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Red The Mel

And now I feel overwhelmed, in a home made for someone else... now I feel overwhelmed come with fear, for someone else's tears.

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I'm Back! · 4:20pm Sep 25th, 2016

This is the official blog to tell everypony I'm back!

Okay okay I know I haven't been here in a while but you don't have to act so surprised..
A big quiestion every pony has been wondering is why I've been gone, why it says it's banned and all that jazz. And also why I had to make a new account.
Well I originally left because I couldn't handle life anymore and just wanted to end it, but some pony close to me pursuaded me not to, but by the time we talked, I had already messaged a FIM Person to delete my account, so that's why it looks like I was banned.
Anyways, I found shelter on DeviantArt, Vanilla Mocha told everyone so some of you came over and followed me, I soon started an Ask Red column which was soon found by Rose the Changling. In one of the columns I was asked if I was going to come back to FIMFiction...

So, after that I started getting asked more, and one morning me and Vanilla were sitting in my school's library, and I muscled up the courage to write Knighty an email. Soon to find out that because I don't have my original email I couldn't get access to my original RedVelvet Melody account.
So I decided I would make a new account which is here.
I haven't been on in a while and I have a feeling people don't even remember me, but hey that's okay, I'll show up some where at some point of time. Anyways I just wanted to make an official "I'm Back" blog, so yeah, PM me whenever or comment, I'll always be on at some point.

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Comments ( 27 )

4226294 *hugs* thanks Fallout

*hug you* im just glad that ur back Also il NEVER forget about you :twilightsmile:

Glad to see you got better madame Mairi!

4226310 oooo, nice to see you as madame Jesse

4226314 So I think you're well enough to actually sing (you told us that that was not the case yesterday). I have a ton of ideas to present at your first new recording session. I wonder if you would like to make a new recording and if you would like me to be involved in that recording.

4226316 sure, I don't mind, what's your ideas

4226320 Let's see you try out the old Rodgers and Hammerstein tune, ''Some Enchanted Evening.'' I think it will be very moving to hear (unfortunately I cannot afford to travel to Florida at the moment.)

4226309 :pinkiehappy: Also im now following you on devianart

4226325 haha, sounds good to me

Welcome back, Red. :twilightsmile:

4226395 thanks other minecraft player who I didn't know played minecraft

So glad you're back!

Once again, welcome back!

Huh, Ask Red? Sounds cool, I'll give it a look. Looks like I'll actually use my deviantart for something now...


She quit FimFicition because her parents became angry that she had an account. To keep herself away, she asked to be banned. That's what she told me.

I just hope you don't get caught by your parents again. :fluttershysad:

Vanilla Mocha told everyone so some of you came over and followed me, I soon started an Ask Red column which was soon found by Rose the Changling.

And thanks for mentioning me as well!

4228991 I won't and no problemmm

I haven't and won't forget you, if that's any consilation:twilightsmile:

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