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Proud to be part Irish

Proud to be Irish, baby, 🍀

So I found you...or at least some of you:ajsmug::twilightsheepish:
Born in Ireland :pinkiehappy:

I'm part Irish and proud of it! :pinkiehappy:

Me own fecking kind o' people! My goodness, I didn't think a group catering to this old, decrepit buried piece of me would be available!

I'm roughly 1/3 Irish, so I figured I may as well join this group.

Hello, the name is Tiger and I'm an Okie that loves irish music. (Actually my Mom's family came from Wales, that's close to Ireland. :twilightblush:) After knowing I had a love for irish folk music I started to have a love for knowing more about Ireland.
Favorite Irish tune: The Rocky Road to Dublin.
Favorite Irish band: the High Kings.

A Texan of Irish blood who's been here for a while:derpytongue2:

314957 i just want to say, thanks man. this is really good. hopefully, in the future, more Bronies will join.

this day also seems to be like a good luck day for me with groups. i have 12 groups that i have made, and so far, i have about 4, counting this one, are doing farily good. the other 8, not so good. the other ones that are doing good are The Mature Stories Group, The Rated Everyone Stories Group, and Nostalgic Cartoon Network.' i mean, i am just getting a lot of members for those.

well, anyway, so, you live in Ireland. that's cool, or nothern ireland i should say. i've visted ireland once. it was nice. really nice.

314957 should've known that.
also, i think that promotion that i did for your group, helped you gain 2 followers.

314954looks good. well, off to find that small picture then. hopefully it works this time. first time i did it, gave me just a pink picture, second time, no picture. so, yea. i think i'll just go and find a picture of the flag of ireland. also, quick question, how did you do the banners?

314953 No problem :pinkiehappy: Yeah, we should link the groups in the descriptions :twilightsmile:

314947 thanks. lloks good. i'll see what i can find for a small picture, you know the one that i'm talking about.

i was also thinking about having links to each other's groups, as in, a link to the NIB (Nothern Irish Bronies) group on here, and on your group, there could be a link to the LLTIP(Long Live The Irish Ponies group.

Also, thanks for cleaning up that discribtion.

314817 There, I created a new banner :rainbowkiss:

314815 thats what my friends say when it comes to my fan fics. just like yesterday, when i was going to See The Man Of Steel, i showed my friend myfics, and he said i needed some help.

isn't that just fucking funny.

314814 You seem a little crazy. I think you need some help.

314809 hey. so i'm guessing you're Irish. hoo ray. irish ponie rule. because, they get drunk all the time and shit.

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