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Welcome welcome! It is me, Warden Joker. You have obviously been sent here because you are INSANE! But dont worry, you will be cured of your insanity. At least that is what people think. You see, I plan on making your life a living hell. Have Fun!
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im just going to go ahead and assume the role of harley quinn is already taken. ...?

I want an assignment! I'm sooo bored!

Yeah, me too!


I want an assignment! I'm sooo bored!

Yeah, me too!


Aww man! Did I miss out on the meat grinder cookies?

Oh well, maybe I can get away with wearing this dominatrix gear...

Reminds me of the time I became a male prostitute so I could get through Evil College.

This is slowly becoming my favorite group.

Cool story man, kinda reminds me of the time I saved Satan's life from some dude with a pretty cool beard.

This place is cool beans.

314810 cookie? :pinkiehappy:
*puts on straight jacket because orange jumpsuit is ugly and cookies are delicious*

314808 Come on, you dont want to change into this do you?!B0Y2NSw!mk~$(KGrHqF,!isEw4+sl9TWBM,HL6!94g~~0_35.JPG
I dont think so. Get in the jacket and you will get a cookie.

314807 :33< but it looks so tacky!
*claws it to shreds* I no afraid of anyting!

314806 Thats right, scurry on to your cell. And dont forget to change into this

314805 *it is un-affective, Midnight Bloom returns to her cell in a huff because Fear Gas smells terrible*:trixieshiftleft:

314803 :33< oh come on! I was just having a nice conversation *pouts*

Comment posted by Bill Clinton deleted Jun 17th, 2013
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