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Random stuffs.

I'm mainly a reader of stories, not to good at writing them, but, I'll try.


Uuugh. · 10:30am Oct 9th, 2014

Ok, so, after seeing, just the description, for a currently featured story, I've finally had enough of seeing some of the stuff that gets into the feature box. But, I have 3 stories I follow that are rated mature, of which, only one is cause it has sex in it, but I don't follow it cause of the sex. So, I want a way to not see stories like the one I did in the feature box anymore, but, I can't keep track of the very few mature stories I follow if I do. Does anyone know anything I could do to get

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Thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

1876608 *shrugs* I'm just happy you're even giving it a chance:twilightsheepish:

1876236 *wiggles* I had meant to just watch it, but, well, now I feel guilty about switching it to a watch. Haven't read it yet, but, going to then, and possibly switch it back.

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