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I Write for fun more than i do for popularity and like anything that is mlp/sci-fi crossovered

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Update · 4:35pm Jun 17th, 2021

Hello everyone I hope you have been doing well these past few months and I hope you’ve been having a good time with family and friends I am here to tell you that regrettably I am not in a very good way emotionally and psychologically it has taken such a toll on my well-being that I do not know if I’ll be able to finish the current chapter right now my mind is not in a good place right now.

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Cool, take your time

Doing good getting back into writing full time started my last semester of school

It's good to know you have the inspiration to continue, just take your time to grieve.
Continue when you feel you are ready

Will do, I do definitely have the inspiration to continue my story but right now well as you can probably tell everything went up a creek without even thinking about getting a paddle

Your very much welcome my friend, take your time grieving, spend time with your family, reaffirm what TRULY matters in your life.
Your overall health and the overall health of your family comes first before anything else.
Remember your grandmother is now in a better place by God's side, and may she rest in peace.
Than after you done sorting your mind and feelings, try to find the will and inspiration to continue with your story, but don't do it because you feel like it's your obligation, okay?

It's good that you gotten over what was troubling you, and my condolences about your grandmother.
Don't worry about us, take as much time you need to grieve to your grandmother

I was doing rather good I’ve actually gotten over the stuff that has happened to me and was going to start and finish my next chapter, But then I got a phone call last night and I just lost my grandma

Hey Sentinel, how are you feeling my friend?

Your welcome, as a fellow treky if it catches my eye I will read it

Thank you for the favorite on Star Trek: Phoenix.:twilightsmile:

Oooh, thanks for listing up Corner Pocket, my good friend. Stick around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

In fact, that fic's comment section and I am curious as to what you might have liked about it. To help the Armed and Operation Battlestation know what to focus on in my next fics, y'know?

Absolutely fire away

Would you be interested in hearing some 40K ideas for future stories or so? And if you like any of them you can change/alter them in anyway you want, if you don’t like any of them you don’t have to do them.

Hay just wondering but you a fan of WH40K?

2649897 dude I hear ya he can piss off for all I care

  • Viewing 65 - 84 of 84
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