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I Write for fun more than i do for popularity and like anything that is mlp/sci-fi crossovered

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In Her celebration of becoming a Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash unintentionally brings extraterrestrial attention to Equus in the Form of the United Federation of Planets. Are our heroes ready to enter a Galaxy that is already having to fight a war against the Ancient Iconians who are bent on Galactic Domination and will they find their place in a universe that just got bigger well them initiate warp drive to find out

This is taking place during season five and during Star Trek online's newest season release The Iconian War

Nyx belongs to Penstroke

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What happens when a resupply mission goes wrong and a Heavy assault trooper of the New Conglomerate army is sucked through a worm hole and crash lands on a strange planet not knowing where he is or how to get home not even he knows what to expect and how will Princess twilight and her friends react to his sudden and strange arrival and what is in store for all of them for evil lurks in the darkness bent on revenge

My Little Pony is the property and Creation of Hasbro

Planetside 2 is the Property and a Creation of Sony Online Entertainment

Nyx is the creation and property of Penstroke thanks for creating an amazing OC

This story contains elements of My roommate is a Vampire which is an original story by Dennis the Menace with his permission please support his release of such an amazing and hilarious story

Now edited by Eclipsemlp666

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