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I Write for fun more than i do for popularity and like anything that is mlp/sci-fi crossovered


In Her celebration of becoming a Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash unintentionally brings extraterrestrial attention to Equus in the Form of the United Federation of Planets. Are our heroes ready to enter a Galaxy that is already having to fight a war against the Ancient Iconians who are bent on Galactic Domination and will they find their place in a universe that just got bigger well them initiate warp drive to find out

This is taking place during season five and during Star Trek online's newest season release The Iconian War

Nyx belongs to Penstroke

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Interesting story idea you have here. I will be following this story.

6157086 thanks had this idea for a while ;)

Star Date 5-10-2410


So far this has my interest since I am a Star Trek fan along with Ponies. I will follow and see where this takes us.

6157260 sorry I don't know the dating system used in Star Trek even for a fan like me so cut me some slack I am trying

6157396 here's a small hint, ready your phaser's its time for war

6157483 If I am preparing for war I will gather my away team. Now where are they.....


*face palm* we are doomed.....

6157624 oh lol thats funny wait a minute :rainbowhuh:that gave me an I dea for the next few chapters. Its going to be awesome:pinkiehappy:

There are numerous stardate conversion calculators online.


Literally, type the word "Stardate" into Google. That's all you have to do.

I like this. I really do. I'm a huge fan of most MLP / Star Trek crossovers. I love both universes, and the cross sets up some great stories in my opinion, and your take on the idea is no exception. However, I have one nitpick that is easily corrected, but nearly makes this story unreadable to me. Please, please, do some work on your punctuation. In the mean time, tracking...tracking...

now before anyone starts disliking I know personally I have to improve on my writing and am working on it but over all what's your opinion of the story so far:pinkiehappy:

Now how long before the CMC's find the Holodeck and maybe a phaser?

It seems... interesting, if a bit rushed. Nyx is just kinda thrown in there though. A bit more explanation and backstory might be beneficial for those of us who are unfamiliar with her.

I would also explain what is happening in the Star Trek Universe. Some people may not be up to date on what is happening in the game. Other wise it occasionally gets a little wordy but this is early on and necessary exposition is necessary.

No D'Deridex or Scimitar? I'm dissapointed.

nitpick. Warp is faster then light.

well I think I'll by the rommies not seeing magic the feds have with a Greek god and Q.

Oh I can't wait for them to see Discord.

ANd again Warp speed is faster then light.

oh and Griffons, and minotaurs don't have cutie marks.

6487325 they will be mentioned and introduced starting with the RRW Liset the Republics flag ship with is a a sub class of the Scimitar know as the Tulwar the Ha'feh class is my preferred Romulan ship and yes I realized warp is faster than light when I retread the prologue :twilightblush:

6487383 if I may ask what do you enjoy about the story so far

Some how I miss this update for 4 weeks! What is wrong with my tracking?

6598391 Medic "I have no idea" my tracking has been acting weird as well

actually Vulcans can feel emotions. they just surpress it.

6675832 that I know I wanted to show pinkie that not everyone will find something funny so yeah

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story? Will she be reaching Unstoppable Rage levels of anger? Will she be giving out any No Holds Barred Beatdowns?

6681311 yes yes she will even going as far as killing Iconian Herald troops oops I've said too much got hide

I'm kinda sad you don't have Lee commanding the USS Apollo seeing as that was his call sign and you have his dad commanding the Galactica. but having both him and his dad is pretty cool(even if the old show was batter). And having Lasky was a nice touch as well.

7001248 thanks and I did think of lee commanding the Apollo but since in the show he takes command of the Pegasus I just left it with that:pinkiehappy::scootangel:

Halo, BSG in there.

Interesting reasoning for the MIA E-E.

I'm just waiting for Discord to appear.

Oh I bet Blueblood is the reason for the letters.

7011379 hey quiet you know to much and trust me discord will be meeting our favorite omnipotent being we all know and love with a slight catch:raritywink:

7011379 yes blue blood is behind the letters

7011624 actually I have his fate already decided it will be one or two chapters after the Klingons arrive ya better get a helmet it goin to get messy

7011673 OHHHH Targ meat. Nice. But wouldn't that be considered food posion on the targs?

7011691 don't know have to wait and see


I don't think Vorchas can enter atmosphere. a B'Rel would fit better.

And just that klingon have both the Shard Sword and the Real Sword?

7129102 it is not hellmarch it is Soviet March the hell March is a different sound track yet very similar the reason for atmospheric Vor'chas was drawn from how Voyager could make atmospheric touch downs so that was my idea the part with the Sword was what I think the STO devs should have done on the mission were Kahless dies so yeah

7129102 if you need help differentiating from the to go to YouTube or open to separate Internet tabs and look up hellmarch and Soviet March you will see a difference:raritywink:

7129205 I know the difference between them I'm saying why did you choose Soviet or Hellmarch.

And no where have a read of a Vorcha landing. and a Vorcha is bigger then Voyager. Again The B'Rel would fit better.

7129267 I chose the Soviet March because I am trying to depict the Hooviets as being rather militaristic and I was inspired by how in some episodes of voyager the ship could land on a planets surface so I went with that because why the hell not :)

7129278 Because NOTHING in trek says that class can. Interpid class is the largest known class to that land and take off on her own. The rest can't. Enter the atmosphere yes in an emergency but not land.

7129285 well sooooooOOoOoooOrry sheesh can't a guy against lore just once

7129294 not with trek. JJ Abrams did enough screwing up that.

7129312 fine I will not do it anymore will that make you happy

Okay, this just went from unlikely to out of character for their universe. "No one else believes in magic so stop that silliness and build your technology?" Really? Just don't call it magic and your problem's solved. Call it "advanced psychokinetic abilities" and structure your science around it. You wouldn't tell the betazeds "Hey, stop reading everyone else's emotions we all think its fake" and you wouldn't tell the Dominion "Stop doing that shapeshifting thing, it's holding back your fashion and textile industry".

Also, you gave the changelings backstory twice.

7251670 I know gave the changelings backstory twice I gave the impression that the delegates present did not know what was going on

Creepy. I know this kinda stuff gets covered in TNG (Schisms) and Voyager (Scientific Method) but it is still very creepy.

7292598 yeah I was trying to make it as close to those episodes as possible had to rewatch them to make sure I got it right it even creeped me out as I wrote it

my only objection (wont stop me from reading it) is the punctuation. carry on.

- Vice Admiral Svensei

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