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Here is the group with our favorite super soldier, Master Chief.

The stories you upload must have Master Chief related in someway, usually when he's the main character in your fic.

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Love that Spartan III, the one that "made" spartan and pony blocked me when I said he copied from another person.

he's not on this site but his name is DeadLight63 and his on fanfiction and his fanfiction is from 6 years ago.

Well I would write a story on here because halo was sorta a game I played at a younger age but I'm working on a different one

If you're annoyed, try tea bagging everyone you kill. Always helps me.:twilightsmile:

346211 Oh. That wasn't there before.

Can't since Master Chief is not on it. Besides, there's already one up.

Hmmmm....not that I'm complaining Spitflame, but some other folders instead of just one would do nicely to sort out the stories.

Yay stories:pinkiehappy:

All these members yet no stories :rainbowhuh:

33 2014 Yes.... yes...submit stories about how I MASTER CHIEF save the universe in all my glory! Do it NOW! !!


Ok guys, a folder is up so now you can submit stories.

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