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Every time you read one of my stories, an orphan is allowed to be happy. Do it for the orphans.


Hear ye, hear ye, ponies of Equestria! Our benevolent Princess Luna hath taken it upon Herself to begin a column, in which She shall administer Her wisdom to anypony who so desires it!

Behold, the origin of the questions: Here and here.

All art used in this work was found at Royal-Exo's deviantart page—Luna suggests you check it out.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 131 )

:rainbowlaugh: I can easily see this getting Featured.

Well that was awesome. Good mix of humor, nice to see the "eternal night" jokes out of the way right at the start.

Please let this get featured:rainbowlaugh:

A curse upon thee

Aw crap, she got the wrong disc, what she got was for my ex-wife .

This is really good. It sort of reminds of those 'Strong Bad E-Mails.'

I am going to follow you. This thing is grand.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm so going to "use" that picture... Liked and faved!

Aaaawwwww yes, nothing better than getting back from work and having a pile of praise waiting for me. Thanks a bunch!

This displeases Luna.

I read mine and squeed. I enjoyed this immensly :)

So will she answer any questions that we post in the comments?
Cause I got a few for her I would like answered.

A nocturnal sleeping schedule, AND full dental? It sounds like the army but better, where do I sign?
Three years...:fluttercry:

3700703 sorry thought you were gonna use that as part of a story arc like one of those tumblr asks

I aim to please. Which reminds me, I need to thank everyone else who gave questions...
I suppose not ANY question, but just about.
Are you a bat pony?
After entire seconds of consideration, the Princess decided to forgive you.

My self-insert OC is intangible, it can be whatever it wants to be. It also means it doesn't exist.:ajsleepy:

Well I don't expect anything negative or plain insipid.
Is there a guideline you wish to follow?

The Princess just asks that questioners keep their language relatively clean. She would likely even answer a negative or insulting question (granted, there would likely be plenty of sass).

Cue existential crisis.

so Princess Luna, is it true you sleep with a teddy bear?

I can't scroll past the picture in the fic because it crashes my browser every time. What is it?

3700911 yay please accept this brand new game console of your chosing

It's our glorious Princess, striking a teasing pose for a picture.

3701131 Care to link me up in a PM? :derpytongue2:
Or a source to the pic.

Can't wait to see how Luna reacts to some of these questions in the next chapter.

So Luna, you ever think about getting a coltfriend? or maybe even... a marefriend?


Luna thanks you for your questions, and promises to review them with all the dignity her station demands.
In the meantime, everypony else—keep the questions coming!

Dear Luna
Wanna know how I got these scars?

"Dear Khorne,
Hast thou seen thy name? 'Tis "Khorne". Corn is a vegetable. 'Tis the equivalent of Us saying, "Behold, for We are the Dark Lord of Dark Darkness, Tomato the Dark! Worship Us!" Wouldst thou expect Us to receive any followers? Of course not.



How many belly rubs will it take for you to become one of my berserkers that with to sate your own bloodlust while making me more powerful?
Probably not many. If that fails, I always can just dress you up in power armor while you sleep and you can be my doll- I mean action figur- I mean slave.

She's considering it.

Her Majesty writes:
"Thy plan hath merit, excepting one little fact—We don't sleep. Regardless, We shall take the time to think on thy question."

Princess, I find myself obsessed with a certain... Draconequus. Any advice?

Dear Luna, I want to finish and or rewrite some of my old fanfictions, and yet i lack the motivation necessary, any idea's?

P.S. one of said fics depicts you and twilight and suggestive themes. not sure if your into that kind of stuff but oh well.

P.P.S your my favorite over your sister

Dear princess luna

Muffin ?

From Ditzy Doo/Derpy

Literately the first idea that entered my mind upon finishing this XD

I was pleased and amused to see this become reality.

I was aiming for a more FiW Twilight but I forgot that Season 3 Finale happened. :derpytongue2:

Dear Princess Luna,

I'm having trouble for people to read my fanfics, how can I get more people to read them?

Verily hath Her Majesty acknowledged your questions. She shall see to them presently.

Dear Princess Luna
First I must say that you are the most
beautiful princess and the only princess of the night. I trust
that you have been to the theatre at least once. I one of
your loyal subjects am a filly who is preforming in a school
play. During the play my charecter has to fall into the hooves
of two strong colts who are my classmates. This was never
an issue for they had no trouble catching me during previous
rehearsels. However during the most recent one they forget
to catch me. I saved myself due to balence but I am quite afraid they will do it during the play. What do I do?
Sincerely A pony who does not want to die on stage

Wow this was epic^^ The part with the rubber duck was the best imo^^ I cant wait for the next issue!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Dear Princess Luna,
You're being watched. Act natural.
Night Shadow

Dear Princess Luna,

So, what's so great about eternal night, anyway? Wouldn't it get all freezing cold and everyone would starve because of the plants dying off? Although I wouldn't have to go to work, because without a morning the workday can't start, so that'd be a plus.

Sun Basker

P.S. Can you arrange the constallations to make playing connect-the-dots easier for foals? My niece keeps complaining they're all too hard and don't really mean anything.

Dearest Princess Luna,

I love how you raise the moon at night. I love how you set the stars. Can I, I mean We ,be your student? We would love to learn about your job raising the moon and you could show Tia that you have a prized student also! It all works out right? When We become your student,could you teach Us how to banish somebody to the moon? We have a bully here in Canterlot We would like to banish.
We look forward to your response.

Sunny,The Sunset Lover

Dear Princess Luna,

I'm a lonely giant flaming eyeball. I like torture, genocide, slavery, conquest, cupcakes, volleyball, and long walks on a moonlit night. Do you think anyone could ever love me?


Luna thanks you for your contributions, and will review your inquiries. Keep 'em comin'!

Luna says: "Natural is the only way We can act."

Glad you liked it

Dear Princess of The Night or Princess Luna,

I have a problem, it's known as insanity and I wish to fix it (Just kidding, I LOVE voices in my head)
and I wonder, what is the meaning of life and, way do we exist?

Answer when ever you can,

My wishes in survival,

Dear Princess Luna

How can I get my mane to look like yours? Do you use some kind of magic shampoo or is it just natural ?

Best regards ~ Starfall

P.S where can I join the Night Rebellion?

Dear Princess Luna,
I just want to say you are my favorite princess! Lately some of my "PFF"s have been avoiding me and I don't know why. :raritycry: It's driving me crazy!!! :pinkiecrazy: I've tried being nice :scootangel: and I've tried avoiding them, but nothing works! Advice please!!! My "PFF"s and I used to do everything together and now I see them with other kids that don't like me what do I do?
Thanks :heart:

Sovereign Of Stars, Daimyo Of Darkness, Monarch Of The Moon

What is your favorite constellation?

- Astronomicon

Hello Princess Luna.

Would you like to play a game?

Sincerely, Jigsaw.

dear luna
why am i reading this?:rainbowlaugh:

Dear Princess Luna,

You are in pain
Take your life, take your life with cocaine!
But I am who I am, so I do what I can when I can, but I can't really do a damn thing!

Dear Princess Luna,

How do you conquer a country like Equestria?

Love, Aether Mag (Batran)

Dear Princess Luna,

Do not worry about people ignoring your glorious moon! As there is a faction called the New Lunar Republic! You even have more followers than Celestia!

Let your night sky inspire us.

BTW, here is the question.

What is your say about the new faction that is arising in Equestria called the New Lunar Republic? Treason? Flattering?

Love, Aether Mag (Batran)

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