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Stories. Ponies. That's all. If you like my stuff, go follow on: https://twitter.com/Valtyra1 <3


Hey peeps! I have a Twitter now :D · 8:04pm October 30th

Hey all,

As the title says, I have created a twitter... finally!

So, uh, yeah. Go follow! Twitter Link

I'll be posting extracts from new chapters, as well as general thoughts about stuff :D

Either way, the new chapter will be posted up very soon and it's filled it absolute cuuuuute stuff! <3

Thanks peeps <3<3<3

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Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

reading order and
not exactly friends
storm shelter
without your cute mark
never doubt
sunset - part 1
sunset - part 2
saving the sunset shinmer

this is good I'm going to lela now, hey have you read this UA?
as I don't know the name of this UA I nicknamed it on this bookcase
I think you will like it

I'm well, thanks. Just writing up chapter 2. It's going to be jam packed and larger than before (I hope), haha.

:pinkiehappy:you're welcome:pinkiesmile:
how are you ?:rainbowkiss:

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