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Celestia had a bad day and Pinkie cheered her up. Now it's Celestia's turn to take Pinkie out.

Prequel: Letting her mane down

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Looking good so far!


Thanks :) I've been wanting to do this for a while, but never had the time.

Already loving this FanFic :pinkiesmile: very nice start to the story!


Yay, thanks for the comment. It brings me joy.

Turning to look at her rump, she determined it was the perfect size

:rainbowlaugh: I laughed

personally i think pinkie would be bi..something about her character says that as long as she could have fun with laugh and love life with someone then what they are packing means nothing to her

3723500 hmm, true I'll bare it in mind...

Great story, I would love to see it completed:pinkiesmile:

well, so far this turned out to be a pretty interestin yet, kinda short read :twilightsmile:. Kinda reminds me somewhat of A lil bakin magic :applejackunsure:; anyways can't wait to see t next chappie :pinkiesmile:

I've found time to work on the final chapter : D expect it out in the next couple of days.

sweeeeeeet :pinkiehappy: wait did u mean t final chappie to this fic or to t other one i mentioned earlier :rainbowhuh:?

ok, unless i'm mistaken i've just read my answer to my earlier comment :applejackunsure: n' which turn out to be a pretty d'awwww one too :pinkiehappy:. any chance for a sequel :duck:? not that really needs one in my opion but, it's up to u really :yay:


I doubt it tbh. If anything, it would just make it worse for a sequel.

Plus I've got my hands full with my other fics and a new one-shot I'm writing.

ooh, can u giv a hint on t one-shot :duck:? but, if not then i'll just wait n' see :scootangel:; both for t one-shot n' any updates comin up :twilightsmile:


It's a TwiXOC fic. Mature. It's submitted, so it'll hopefully be up sometime today.

hmm... ok, i'll check t feed after this n' see if it's up already :twilightsmile:

So that's where it ends? Seems a little. Open?
Incomplete seems unfair. I love the idea, and it's got a fair share of interesting imagery. But I can't help but feel that it needs some sort of conflict to drive it.

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