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Of course Cup Cake has heard the rumors surrounding her foals, at first she paid it no mind, but as days turned into months, the blue baker has finally had enough and snaps like a rubber band.

See what one mare will do to dispel the naysayers.

Inspired by The Descendant's Mr. and Mrs. Cake ship fic "A Sweet Taste of Cake" and the odd behavior of a friend of mine who wallpapers his bedroom with his STD results.

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Finally! I swear, this also upsets me, that people think Mrs. Cake was a cheating whore or something. Hell, this is the funniest explanation I've read as to her children's inherited traits. Excellent job!

Dragon-related Mrs. Cake.

Headcanon accepted.

Take that, gossip mongers!

more or sequel about the dragon mrs cake

Please, Let there be more.

you fuckin WIN!!!

It was just an idea I was playing around with, I was watching the Spike birthday episode and had the thought about where did the recipe for sapphire cupcakes come from when ponies don't eat gems. In any case I'm happy you guys liked it. I may explore more of that idea.

Holy shit, you commented on my fic! :pinkiehappy: Dude, you're like one of my favorite writers. I glad you enjoyed it.

I died at Pap Smear.
Goddamn I've fallen low.

The awesomeness and comedy in this story is off the charts, medical charts that is.... Her grabbing Mr. Cake with a hoof down there is probably not pleasant. :rainbowlaugh:

So the Cakes are very broad loving family. :pinkiehappy:
Mrs. Cake gets so much crap, nice to see someone actually giving her some merit.

This is a good concept and needs to be continued in some way or another.

Well, that's the running joke behind ponies and names being their special talent. Also I needed a companion to Doctor Buzzkill from my fic about getting a vasectomy

After all the people wanting a continuum in some way or another, My idea was based off of "Why does a family of earth ponies have a recipe for sapphire cupcakes?" I think I got an idea of how to branch off from this concept. :scootangel:

The Cakes themselves are some of my favorite characters on the show. They made the MMMM, which I can only guess is made from dark matter based on it's weight..

Hmmm, you know, thinking about it dragons has been shown to be very magical creatures. So, it'd reason that might be why Pumpkin Cake was so powerful with her surges.:pinkiegasp:

She might grow up to rival Twilight's power:twilightoops::pinkiehappy:

where the righteous mass-beatdown?

Great story, but I found a very minor thing you may want to edit.

The Blue mare was finally at her breaking point, she needed to proof to the town that she was both a virile mare and a loyal wife.

That should be "prove".

Nice and short and pretty piece of work. And a nice defiance of all the cheap plots that suggest otherwise.

That's one way of silencing the neighsayers. :rainbowlaugh:


... ... ...

That happened.

I'm just gonna upvote it and back away slowly.

I wish I had a frost dragon in my ancestry...

I think I have cat ancestry somewhere along the line... :P

he odd behavior of a friend of mine who wallpapers his bedroom with his STD results.

Wait... What?


I gotta friend that loves escorts and after every time he gets tested and wallpapers his bedroom with results proud that he's clean and I wash my hands thoroughly after visiting him.

Good times, good times indeed. Absolutely littered with grammar errors, but good times anyway.

At least Cup Cake didn't tell her husband to demonstrate in front of Ponyville.

None of the punchlines were particularly hard-hitting for me, but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless.

I remember one line from the description -
"See what one mare will do to dispel the naysayers."

You stole the main scene from Family Guy. :fluttercry:

I used one line and it was a joke. :pinkiesmile: Lots of people use lines from movies and Tv. Theft would imply that everything was taken.

4214678 Yeah, but that was the climax of the story. The main scene! It's really disappointing. You can't make a whole story revolving around someone's reaction and then use a response from somewhere it.

No offense you keep saying main scene, that wasn't the main scene. It was an off shoot before the last few paragraphs. Most of the story involves Mrs Cake's plan.

4214765 But, there was so much build up for that! The whole point is that she snapped and right when she snaps, you use Family Guy's line. I'm not trying to pick a fight. I'm just saying that it messed up the whole story for me.

Her gyno is named pap smear. Hahahahaha

"This is my great, great grandfather…” She pointed to the unicorn adorned banner, before drawing her focus to the other image. “... and this is his great, great, and so forth grandmother. By Tartarus if you go far enough back on my family tree you'll find a dragon or two."

I thought the show said that the unicorn lineage came from Carrot's side of the family and the pegasus lineage came from Cup Cake's side.

There's absolutely no need for that...

4218289 That pony is rather... unfortunately named.

...Huh. Mrs. Cake reeeally didn't like the rumors about the twins.

The stories short description:

Mrs. Cake had finally had enough of the rumors circulating around town and has finally reacted her her bioling point.

This is silly.
You are silly.
Thank you.

"If I have to shave my flank and tattoo: Property of Carrot Cake, so be it."


You brilliant bastard, that bit about dragons is now apart of my head-cannon.

Did a little reading of this fic, it can be found here;

I hope someone enjoys!

Wow, I've been thinking about writing a story with a very similar plot, though mine probably won't be as funny.

>Mrs. Cake had finally had enough of the rumors circulating around town and has finally reacted her her bioling point.

This fanfic has 228 likes and nobody noticed this.

Oh my gosh, this is so good! XD I didn't know Mrs. Cake could lose her temper and swear so much LOL; she really showed the rest of town that "He IS the FATHER!!!" XD

Any fic that defends the honor of the Cakes gets a fav and up vote from me.

It really deserves to have the typos removed, especially the ones two people have pointed out in the short description. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

I hope to do another post with the ones I noticed in the main body of the text, despite this being years old.

REALLY good job on this one-shot. :-D Yeah, I can DEFINITELY see where Missus Cake would get frustrated enough by those - unfortunate rumors - to eventually do something like this.

Anyway, love the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and wrap-up. :-D

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