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Set about twenty years in the future. Spike and Rarity have been happily married and all was great in Equestria... until the unicorn's age began to show. While making her way back from Zecora's, a certain spirit of the night approaches the middle aged mare with a proposition to once again turn her into Nightmarity. As for Spike, how does one deal with their spouse coming home with a new body and sharing it with a millennium old evil.
*Haven't seen many fics featuring characters from the MLP:FIM comics.


A collaboration with GiantMako

A/N: This is a gallows dark romantic comedy. The cover art is not indicative of the story, just needed a really good image of Nightmare Rarity and Spike.

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Wait, so if you have Nightmare Rarity as one of the main characters in your story, you need a Nightmare Moon tag as well? :rainbowhuh:

Very interesting… please continue! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting fic curious where it goes.

Loved that part where Nightmare Moon turns into shadow puppets.

Can we some moar govnah?

You have my interest, can't wait to see where you go with this!

>then she her dragon
I have mixed feelings but something good may come of this.

A few missing words here and there, but a interesting concept and read so far.

A very promising concept.
I shall eagerly await more!

Making a deal with a Nightmare is never a good idea. I wonder how Spike will take this?:rainbowlaugh:

This story has really caught my eye, it is interesting to see how a older Rar would handle aging while watching her love remain the same if not get better over time. You are doing a great job of addressing something that many stories overlook and doing it in such a way that has me on the edge of my seat dying to know what happens next.:moustache:

once again turn her into Nightmarity
When did she previously turn into "Nightmarity"?

4057392 Issues 5-8 of the official comics.

Thanks for all the kind words and if there were any major grammatical mistakes... nobody's perfect. :derpytongue2:
You'll like the journey.:pinkiesmile: A violent murderous psychopath with dreams of global domination and generous kind loving middle-aged mare have to share a body and the dragon that has to come to terms with all this insanity. O_o|||

Yeah, in the comic it happens.

Yep, because there isn't aren't any tags for for comic specific characters and because Nightmare Moon is a main character in the story.

First off as a huge fan of your work, I'm ultra happy that you even commented on this fic. :pinkiehappy:

Finally a Nightmare Rarity Fic! The very few fics that have pop up on the site are small in number and in content usually (one shots) so I'm really glad your doing this.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I know right. To be fair none of the characters from the comics get any focus in fan fiction.

Rarity didn't even get assurances that she'd retain control of the body! What good would living forever as a passenger in NMM's new body do her?

within the entities mind
entity's (or, if more than one entity are sharing one mind, entities')

reined her in less she act before

the white figures cutie mark

Beginning to trudge out of the clearing that her zebra friend's house was located and onto the rough path that would lead her back to Ponyville the mare couldn’t help but remember what had brought her out at this time of night in the first place.
I believe the first part of this sentence is incomplete. I would say "... located in" or something along those lines, such as "in which (the house) was located" or "where (the house) was located". Also, I would add a comma after Ponyville, but I don't really know if that is required—it's just something that might help organize the sentence a little more.

Not the grey that came ... the graying that came with age.
grey or gray, pick one

As desperate, as she was to find an answer to her woes Rarity wasn’t going to agree to anything without a straight answer.
If you want a comma, it should go after "woes", not "desperate".

Took some of that advice to heart, fixed the ones i could find.

I couldn't find the one about 'reined in' and 'figures'

4060632 The second and third paragraphs of the chapter. Also, most browsers let you do Ctrl+F and just start typing if you know the phrase it's in.

Love the title. "There's something about Mary," the play off of words

I saw this story in the "Most Popular" box and it gave me a great idea for a Supernatural/MLP crossover!

Mmmmm... not nearly enough NightMarity stuff on here.

Hope this keeps up.

Huh. Interesting. Lots of potential. I think I'd catually like to see the two of them come to terms...more or less. Definite evil vs definite good is overdone. I think I'd like to reda this story not entirely sure who to root for and by the time it's finished...pleased that they made the deal.

I haven't read the comics, but I've generally assumed that the Nightmare was intent on covering the land in darkness because of Luna. If merged with somepony else I'd think she'd pursue different goals. The optimistic part of me would like to see this end in a manner that is basically ok for everyone, even if the path to getting there is humorously twisted.

Um... wow you're actual not too far off. That's all I can say, without spoilers and angering my co-writer.

4059673 I'm also doing a Nightmare Rarity fic, but Rarity is only one of 4 main characters in my story.

Ooh, a Nightmarity fic! I love Nightmarity! And a Sparity shipping?
Awesome and I look forward to the next chapter! :raritywink:

so what when they have sex will it be a three way?:trollestia:

This is great, I am loving this story. Spike is going to have his hands full when they start to switch more and more lol. But the fact that Nightmare is starting to fall under his charms is too good. I can just see it, let her be aware the first time they make love she ill be so jealous of Rarity that they both might start swapping control in mid act which would live a very confused spike.
Spank me Spike!!!!
Ouch, why did you do that?
Pull my mane!!!!
Hey, you know I don't like it when you do that!
LOL This will be a very funny and interesting story

Pro: Smoking hot new body
Con: She's schizophrenic now

Great premise and so far so good. Not sure how serious you're going to make this but I can see this working either way.

Aw sheet. This is gonna be funny as hell. I mean it's serious and all but also seems a little funny.

Edit: and now I see the comedy tag..... way to go dummy.

Wow, this is going to be interesting. I wonder how Rarity will deal when the someone moving in on her man is inside her head.:rainbowlaugh: Spike gets all the mares.:moustache:


Not even the Nightmare can resist that dragon charm. :)



You aren't too far off, :trollestia:It makes for a very confused Spike. My co-writer and I were playing around with a similar scene idea for later in the fic.
Spike brings her some flowers.
Rarity: These are lovely.
Nightmare: Nothin' less than diamonds will appease your queen.
....15 minutes more of similar exchanges....
Poor Spike "b-b-but you said...I can't even." End result is Spike nursing a bottle of gin on the roof. "What is my life even?!" :moustache:
So yeah these will be scenes like the one you came up with.

4115883 4115708
Glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, her choice isn't the most well thought out one. I'm not gonna lie, this is mostly a comedy in terms of tone. Rarity ain't crazy, but Spike has to learn to love the voice in Rarity's head. :pinkiecrazy:

4116823 That would be cool to see the stress get to Spike alittle. But I don't want to see him go full breakdown tho and get super depressed about his. I feel that Rarity would start to see that the situation is getting to Spike, and would try to work something out with Nightmare after those two have alittle heart to heart about Spike.I think it would be funny to have times when Nightmare take control and fool around with Spike and have a wild and passionate time (maybe alittle more wild then normal) and then when Rarity takes control again she is pissed and he doesn't know why lol.

4116860 I can see that happening and they will have to find some sort of agreement since the two have proven to each other that the other isn't a push over.

woow, divertido fic, espero por mas:ajsmug:

*Wrings hooves togeather* This is gonna get goooood.... :pinkiehappy:

This is going to end in a threesome, I can feel it in my hair

This chapter was entertaining to read, but I noticed a lot of technical errors, particularly in the first half.

A sample:
when used as a verb, I believe it should be "black out"

Sometime later, but not by much as the moon was still very visible in the night sky, the unicorn finally began to stir the first thing that came to Rarity’s mind was a deep billowing cloud of shadows and the guilty feeling that she had done something...rash.
This sentence is wrong; the easiest way to fix it would be to separate it to two sentences, the first one ending after "stir".

Blinking her eyes as she uncomfortable lifted her head from the ground

As the unicorn drew, her legs back to her, and tried to put the ground steadily under her hooves she couldn’t help but feel like something was off.
The first comma is incorrect, and the second one requires a matching comma after "hooves".

Finally, after enough effort Rarity was finally able to stand back to her full height albeit at the speed and grace of one: Berry Punch after the sun went down and the bars opened up.
The colon is wrong; simply removing it would be a correct solution. I would also recommend a comma after "height".

They were no longer alabaster white, but rather a dark nearly black, purple color.
the comma after black is only correct if there is a matching comma after dark.

Et cetera.

Soo...All Celestia needed to stop Nightmare Moon was a dragon with some swag?

I wonder if Nightmare, being lonely herself was almost overly surprised when he kissed Rarity(her). Nightmare being very powerful may have gained a tad of respect for Spike seeing as he did help stop her the first time, to that she hates him but the idea of her also respecting his bravery isn't farfetched. Lastly, being weaker may mean Nightmare is slowly losing a bit of her own being to the very dominant willed Rarity thus gaining a bit of the host's feelings. After all Nightmare Moon always stuck me as a character whom was similar to Rarity in some degree, just twisted and bit more intense.

Without going into spoilers for the next chapter. Wow, you could not have been any more spot on with your musings. :pinkiehappy:

What could possibly go wrong next chapter? Stay tuned.

“What’s the worst that could happen?"

...You had to jinx it...you just HAD to jinx it! :facehoof:

Oh man did I love this chapter. I laughed so many times I lost count. And the sudden dark moment through me for a loop. I do hope that when Twi comes and she tries to destroy Nightmare she pleads to Spike that she just wants to live. He stops his sister from doing it. I just think your Nightmare is too cute and she is a total tsundere. But I think that might be something that will make Spike attracted to her. Anyway I cant wait to see what you have in store next time.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::moustache:

Okay, this was worth the wait in more ways than one.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: The drama, comedy, and action was amazing.:pinkiegasp: And it looks like Nightmare is falling for Spike, it will makes things really interesting.:trollestia::moustache:

What’s the worst that could happen?

Last time he said that he almost committed muder and attempted to hide the body. The dark turn this story took midway was great! Combined with a love confused Nightmare Moon, the story sucks me in. Keep it up!

That dark turn, threw me. Then you brought me back as I laughed me arse off.

YAY :yay: I'm glad this came out! I read it all and I'm quite happy with it....

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

Murphy's Law.

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