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If we couldn't use copyrighted material we couldn't write fan fiction, right?
Answer: Of course we could, We just have to tip toe around certain words and phrases. This is an example of such a fic. This is loosely based off of "Party of One."

Everyone is out of character or extremely warped.

This was written based on very ignorant understandings of how the SOPA/PIPA thing works.

I shouldn't have to explain who is who in this story.

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This. Is. Undoubtably. The. Worlds MOST GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER READ!!!
5 Stars Good Sir.:moustache:

That story read like something out of North Korea.

#3 · Jan 19th, 2012 · · ·

This story reads like something written by George Orwell

SOPA doesn't stand a chance.

:rainbowhuh: The heck did I just read? I have no words beyond "so bad it's good."

My life is now more complete than it was a minute ago!

I usually don't like it when there's a story within a story, but you pulled it off.:rainbowdetermined2:

O.o "Rodgering":-The act of inserting a rod-shaped appendage into an enclosed space, usually done repetitively:unsuresweetie:

That was kinda the plan. I kinda wanna do more with the Bizarro Mane 6, but I think I made their names too long. The point was to make a fic that A) didn't use any copyrighted names, B) was a generic plot and C) Nothing felt natural and felt like a piss poor rip off of something great.

HA HA HA. Thanks for making be laugh, I'm surprised anyone bothered to look up that word.

Would you even be able to call them ponies? :applejackunsure:
Interesting story, interesting read.

..... nascart. hehehe :pinkiecrazy:
this was strange. and awesome. and then strange again. good work, sir.

lol :D
Oh jim, you so awesome -
I'm jw, why did you include super in Team Joker? Hes not really in here, but its whatever :pinkiehappy::heart:

See Congress? This is what we writers and readers have to suffer through when you want to change something that is free speech! Don't be like North Korea, Iran, or China, be Good old America, and I mean before you were sell-outs good old America. Don't you dare pass SOPA and PIPA you mother f:yay:ers! Otherwise I'll drive to DC myself and put a boot so far up all of your f:yay:ing a:yay:s you won't be able sit for f:yay:ing weeks! Good night!

"Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat." Lawsuit! Shang Tsung and Mortal Kombat are both Copyrights! BLWALDAKFSADISTICSFSDFFEWADEF

Because buddy, Super is a pretty awesome guy and fun to talk to.
Thanks, for the feedback.

The Only reason I still used ponies is because my plan of calling them adolescent horses was too long to write.

Memes are fun:

Peace Out

Nice job. Defiantly need to get the word out about SOPA/PIPA. The only thing I have to say about those acts, well, a wise transforming robot truck(can't use his real name, because it's copyrighted:ajbemused:) once said: "Freedom is the right of all sentiant beings." Nuff' said. (Oh, and about that ending... TASTE THE RAINBOW MUTHA FUCKA!:rainbowdetermined2:)

Dammit. We can't even recreate gore scenes without copyrights. Fuck You SOPA and PIPA

143171 Jim check the site forums, I have groundbreaking news in the likes forums- also I love that spiderman thing lol

I suppose if SOPA/PIPA were to pass, then the only option would be to write original fiction... not that I have a problem with fanfics or anything.

*claps* stops *claps again*. Amazing just Pure amazing and in words of the sopa nazi "no internet fora you". (soup nazi from seinfeld)

The chapter title made me laugh :pinkiecrazy:

....Wow...that...jus-just take my stars.
TAKE THEM :trollestia:

Sucrose frosted baked goods, so sweet and tasty!
Sucrose frosted baked goods, don't be too hasty!
Sucrose frosted baked goods.
Sucrose frosted baked goods, sucrose frosted baked goods, sucrose frosted baked goods!

I have not heard the word rodgering in ages. It is beautiful slang. :yay:

Wow, that was horrible.

I don't believe in Intentional "so bad its good", but this is just hilarious in the best and worse possible ways.

WooooooW! This story really gets the message across! I never thought I would rate something so.... different 5 stars. Congratulations - you've made it!
This time I will end with something I usually don't do - I DON'T WANT ANY MOAR of this. EVER AGAIN.

I kinda like it.
I mean it was pretty good.
In fact one could say it's a cool story.
Maybe even awesome?
Yup, definitely an amazing story right here.

lol wut? you little corpse raper :derpytongue2:

*My actual facial expression when reading this* :rainbowlaugh:
God I hate SOPA... And let's not forget PIPA :twilightangry2:
This was funny as hell though :rainbowlaugh:

143316 and thats what all fics would be like with SOPA- hope you understand that.


This was so bad I laughed.

Pretty damn funny.

Never write anything like this again, internet. :pinkiecrazy: IT'S BEEN DONE NOW. GOODDNIGHT.

Sad thing is, SOPA probably will make all fan fiction like this. :raritycry:
For teh Interwebz! :pinkiecrazy:

This was just... awesome.

Somehow I don't think the mediocre writing and implications that rarity is obsessed with vanity stem from the gimmick.

Also, the allusion to copyrighted things is kind of cheating since you're not supposed to do that according to your own plot but what the hell

this fandom is easily amused if anything

Somehow I don't think the mediocre writing and implications that rarity is obsessed with vanity stem from the gimmick.

Also, the allusion to copyrighted things is kind of cheating since you're not supposed to do that according to your own plot but what the hell

this fandom is easily amused if anything

I love this site... And this story is one reason why.

That was a good story and I guess this is what fanfics look like in North Korea, or any other socialist country out there.

5 happy book enthusiasts out of 5! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

That was a beautiful read. ;w;



This was just...I don´t know what to say...
It was awesome and funny in one way and crazy and creepy in the other...
Let´s hope, SOPA won´t win and turn every fanfic into...this...

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