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Of course Cup Cake has heard the rumors surrounding her foals, at first she paid it no mind, but as days turned into months, the blue baker has finally had enough and snaps like a rubber band.

See what one mare will do to dispel the naysayers.

Inspired by The Descendant's Mr. and Mrs. Cake ship fic "A Sweet Taste of Cake" and the odd behavior of a friend of mine who wallpapers his bedroom with his STD results.

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After battling his arch nemesis Toxin, Razor Fist is sent through an interdimensional rift and lands smack dab right in the middle of Equestria.. Ponyville to be exact because when bad/weird sh** happens in Equestria it happens in Ponyville...I swear it's like Gravity Falls, Oregon. Anyway, this is his fun filled weekend in Equestria and he may learn that there are worse things than prison.

Author's Note:
Razor Fist may be one of the crappiest villains in the Marvel Universe and as for why, the guy has machetes for hands... which may sound cool on paper till you start to really think about it.

So yeah, enjoy. Inspired by We Remember Everything by Thunderscourge

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Set about twenty years in the future. Spike and Rarity have been happily married and all was great in Equestria... until the unicorn's age began to show. While making her way back from Zecora's, a certain spirit of the night approaches the middle aged mare with a proposition to once again turn her into Nightmarity. As for Spike, how does one deal with their spouse coming home with a new body and sharing it with a millennium old evil.
*Haven't seen many fics featuring characters from the MLP:FIM comics.


A collaboration with GiantMako

A/N: This is a gallows dark romantic comedy. The cover art is not indicative of the story, just needed a really good image of Nightmare Rarity and Spike.

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Just when you thought it was dead it comes shuffling back to life like a zombie ex-cop gunned down and hellbent on revenge. So join me as we take another trip into the world of Your Adolescent Horse: Companionship is Devil Worship.

Once again this what I think fan fiction will be like without copyrighted material.

*Special Note* This was written when another Internet Censorship Bill came back again in August/September.

Fuschia Celebration Pony
Book Enthuisist
Meek Animal Lover
Redneck Fruit Havester
Vanity Obsessed
Technicolor Obnoxious
Short Purple biped
The Exaggerated and Boastful Trisha
and many more of your favorite nondescript characters

This time the parody it's Equestrian Gurls

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While pet watching Angel, Spike makes a huge mistake and accidentally kills the bunny. Now, he has to figure out how to keep Fluttershy from finding out.

Part 2 in the Spike kills your pets series, because for some reason every August I write a fic like this.

The first entry being was That Darn Cat

Yes, there is a little gore in this, but nothing excessive.

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While on the case of who stole the free pens from the bank, the bumbling Detective Dan trips and falls down a manhole and ends up in the land of Equestria.

There he does what he does best: break things and make false accusations.

As for the folk of Ponyville, Twilight must contend with a creature with a shorter attention span than Pinkie.

Yes, this is a fic about a character from "All That" and I regret nothing.

To anyone under the age of 20, Detective Dan was a character on "All That" which was a sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon in the 90's.

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As he travels from college across the south, a man known simply as Brother Micca spews his political and religious views onto the the students that was until one day he discovered he had a date with destiny and destiny just happened to be a flaming meteorite...

... Twilight Sparkle must deal with a new addition to the Equestrian landscape as she meets a certain hairless ape thingy with a very "colorful" vocabulary and teach him how to love and tolerate everyone.

As for Brother Micca, can the land of love and tolerance open his eyes to the error of his ways?

*Shrug* Probably not, but Twilight will be damned if she can't at least try to change him.

Warning: this fic contains hate filled speech, innuendo, and scenarios that may be offensive to some people.

This is a story is loosely based on a real person and for the uninitiated there is a guy who calls himself Brother Micca and he goes from college to college across the south eastern United States being a regular douche and standing on the corner protesting gays, womens' rights and non-Christians all while he uses the word "pornification" and steals lyrics from Hall and Oats. Well, one day he came to my college and did his spiel and I was captivated and this is is the result...

I regret nothing.

Rated Teen for violence and offensive language... only in order to stay true to the "character."

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Rainbow Dash while hanging out with her friends is asked, how she was able to afford her cloud mansion. Rainbow's story turns out to be anything from typical.

A story of how a classic track from Mario Kart was built and the pegasus who built it. Mostly told from Rainbow Dash's perspective, like ninety percent with implied Dash Spike.

This story was gonna be really innocent, but the alcohol told me to do "things." Also it helps if you picture Rainbow Road from Mario Kart DS.

Teen for suggestive themes and Strong Language.

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See Night Light's reaction and thoughts when he is told he should get a vasectomy as well as the aftermath of the simple doctor's visit.

Star Swirl The Bearded's ghost says "This is the best story about pony vasectomies ever made."

*This takes place shortly after the birth of Twilight

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Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd do anything for them? Travel great distances, search for the hidden, put yourself in danger, even...trade your life?

Two souls fueled by their overwhelming love for a mare will do just that
this winter.....the bro movie of the year is.....You and I, Me and You!
this time.....it's personal

A collaboration fic with GiantMako

*The violence and gore is nothing worse than a PG-13 Rated movie.

Pip "Pipsqueak"
Princess Luna
Sweetie Belle

and countless cameos.

Slight Spoilers: This is Luna x Pip and Spike x Sweetie Belle.

Chapters (4)
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