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When the Stars set her free...
When the Sun fell... When the Nightmare consumed the land...
When the Elements of Harmony were but a forgotten legend...
We were there.
The battle against Nightmare Moon, as told by one of its survivors.

What? What're you looking at me like that for? Of course that's how it happened!

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Comments ( 56 )

That does sound like how Rainbow would tell the story. Though now I wonder who got her into anime.

That was somehow nothing like what I expected, and exactly like what I expected. Well done.

Was that not one, but two Metallica references? Just on the title and chapter?!

Oh, this is gonna be good...

That was fun. Welcome back.

Better than the original pilot episode.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“You were willing to give your life for Equestria, Darling, how could I give any less?”

“Hope never rides alone, Twilight! Not if I have anything to say about it!”


I was expecting a heaven-piercing giga-drill-breaker, the lack of which is my one and only complaint.

I mean, look, it's canon.

7324284 Fluttershy, of course.

Heck yeah! This story has the awesome dial turned all the way to eleven. :rainbowdetermined2: Who cares if it's strictly speaking inaccurate as heck, as long as it's told well? (Twilight. Twilight does. :facehoof:)

Epic! That's how a fight against a goddess should be!

Yup, just as Steel Resolve said: i.ytimg.com/vi/IOMnVbodk00/maxresdefault.jpg

It had been a long time coming! Clearly, the logical next step is to retell Boast Busters but with an over-the-top battle against the Ursa Major.

But wait! There's more!

It's good to be back!

If only they'd let me write the movie....

Oh man, you should see what I had to cut out... a Diebuster reference!

Accuracy is for eggheads!



Guess we'll need to settle for a fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

7324284 Fluttershy is a closet otaku. She probably showed Twilight Evanneighlian and had her mindfucked for weeks. Only for Revolutionary Filly Utena to make Twilight come around to discovering what higher forms of friendships can lead to. :p

Dashie no doubt binges all the action stuff at Fluttershy's.

Yup. Totally how it went.

7324807 Congrats on your first fully complete fic! xD


7324807 Pinkie Pie declaring herself the strongest Nonoriri?

Either way, this was excellent. I look forwards to seeing this in the feature box.

That was utterly glorious. I'd quote and comment on all the best parts, but it would more or less be the entire story.

> Urged to complete horsetext for the first time ever

So this is RariLight power...

What? What're you looking at me like that for? Of course that's how it happened!

Lies. Your fanfic isn't canon no matter how hard you wish upon that shooting star.


Pen Mightier

Than the sword.


Lurks No More

Well, I'm glad you've grown out of that phase, mate. Good on you.


The Floods

Somebody better call Master Chief.

Got to agree with Sweetie's reaction there at the end. Those two weren't exactly doing a good job hiding anything.

all this time, and you're still one of the best.

but seriously, that pinkie pie moment...

Welp mine as well post these two songs since one is the title and other the chapter title

Holy shit, you have 666 followers?

Well, that cinches it. I am definitely reading this.

Love it. All of it. All of this awesomeness is best.

If I have one nitpick, it's that you have multiple references to 'Earth'. Now, I'm all for really creepy headcanons about the nature of alternate universes and how worlds that seem nothing like ours might bear the exact same name, but nevertheless, it is very jarring to just casually mention Earth.

Other than that, this is a rare story that combines the gut-bustingly awesome with actual writing ability and writing so solid that the references are barely discernible as references.

Top notch.

This was amazingly fun.


I'd forgotten that bit! Makes perfect sense.

All y'all are gon' make a black man blush!

Now I just need an excuse for them to fight Celestia...

We evolve beyond the writer we were a minute ago... We ship them a little closer with each fic; that is how RariLight works!

You're still missing the third Metallica reference!

Yup, and I know who it was, too, that got the number. I've got half a mind to celebrate them, but I don't wanna run afoul any beliefs they may hold!

Oh, but it is!

(I know some people use Equus, but I don't think I've ever heard that word used in the show... And I'm a stickler for details!)

Seriously though, thank you for the awesome words, I'm super glad you enjoyed it as much as you did!

Fight vs Nightmare moon if it was directed by michael bay :D

Her own horn burned with an intensity that evaporated the ambient moisture around it—her horn hissed, leaving a trail of water vapor behind it.

Vaporizing vapor? IMPOSSIBLE!. Despite that, it does well to add to the ridiculous shounen atmosphere.

“Do forgive her tactlessness, Darling,” she said, caressing the left side of Twilight's face, “She was raised by trees.”

This line was surprisingly funny.

An amusing short story, overall. I doubt Luna would like the part about cutting the moon (and her!) in half, though.

7326661 Our planet has hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of different names. No reason to assume it's any different for ponyworld.
Earth(English-Germanic), Terra(Latin), and Gaia/Ge(Greek) are probably the most common encountered by English speakers, but most languages have at least one name for the world. In fact, I can easily see various races naming the world after themselves(Equus, Gryphus, Minos, etc.), various generics translating to 'dirt', 'water'(For aquatic/marine races), or 'world', and then there are specific deity names, which may or may not come from generics.

Seriously, dude, Earth just means 'dirt'. as in 'all the dirt'. Not really a unique name there. It's like the Springfield of planet names. Except even more generic and bland.

7330266 Thanks for that. Thanks for trotting out a linguistics lesson to punish me for finding it a little immersion-breaking to see the planet referred to as Earth. Thanks for shooting yourself in the foot by pointing out ponies would probably call it Equus, when talking about a story narrated by a pony who, being a pegasus, probably doesn't have tribal reasons to call her planet Dirtball.

Also, just thanks for being yet another person who sours my opinion of this awesome story by dragging me into a meaningless conflict on naming conventions.

Well, that did not disappoint. Of course, I occasionally felt like I was missing a reference, but I spotted enough to keep it entertaining and the humor wasn't solely derived from that.

Also, pretty good stealth-shipping.

I do have to appreciate how Pinkie actually seems to be less of an eldritch abomination in the story.

This was delightfully over the top. Thank you for it. I'd love to see more of Dash's recollections of her great battles.

7330286 THAT is what you got out of that? I had no problem with immersion. You know why? That little bit of linguistics trivia. Because it means there was no real significance with the planet being named 'Earth'. It's just one of many names that their planet is called. Brush it off and suspend disbelief: there are a myriad of explanations for why they use 'Earth'.

What you should get out of it is this: Reality is unrealistic, and sometimes things simply are, without good or apparent reason. Once you accept this, immersion becomes much less fragile. This includes on the many, many puns of real life locations present in Equestria, which are far more egregious than having a different planet named 'Earth'.

7332500 You know, if you're going to label this entire conflict as meaningless, it does beg the question of why you bothered to bring it up.

7332582 I think,meaning no offense and not intending to further upset you, that he's suggesting ways to help you get over this minor hang up so you can enjoy stories more.

In any case, glad you seem to enjoy the story enough to comment. I know what it's like to have a pet peeve, (try telling me ponies don't have feet and I will fight you).

7332607 The funny thing about this minor hang up is, I didn't know I had it. Because nobody calls the pony planet Earth. It hasn't been a thing I needed to get past, like bad grammar or the author not knowing how to properly develop their concepts, because it's not a thing I've ever encountered.

And if it weren't for all you people constantly chiming in to tell me that I shouldn't care, I wouldn't care.

7332662 Ah, well, there you go, then. Problem solved. Glad you worked that one out. But just so you know, yes, people calling it the earth is something you'll encounter. But hey, next time it won't bother you.

7332690 I'm sorry, I literally just spelled this out for you, how do you still not get it?

My problem isn't that it's called Earth. It's that I'm being swarmed by random pricks who want to aggressively tell me that the point I'm supposedly defending doesn't matter.

You are not the solution. You are part of the problem.


At this point you're just antagonizing people and treating those who meant well like shit. Which is indescribably uncalled for in this situation. No doubt you'll think that everyone should conform to whatever criteria it takes to make you feel better, but the fact remains they were being decent folk and you remain the one and only problem. So the responsibility falls to you to end this, preferably with an apology for the people you've passive-aggressively attacked.


I am sorry for overreacting. You all meant well. I am a massive jerk.

I wanted to walk away from this. Many, many times I thought I had. But apparently I have not walked away from this until I have claimed this is my fault.

Let's try this again:

I like this story. It is a good story. I had fun reading this story. It is such a good story, I followed the author because I am confident they can write other stories which will also be good and fun and worth reading. The over-the-top action was very hilarious, but the crowning achievement was definitely that awesome joke at the end that I won't spoil.

I really, really like this story. I really, really want to continue liking this story. And that is all I am going to say.

Thank you. Goodnight.


Hmm, that's a first.

Comment posted by GriffonSpade deleted Jun 24th, 2016

Welp, that certainly... escalated. I believe it's time to go back to what we're all here for: ponies beating the everloving -yay- out of each other while Metallica plays in the background! Oh, and shipping; we ship worldwide, ya know.

We cool, no problem, dude; I'm not one for grudges.

7332965 Now, if only there was a way to combine shipping and hyperpunches flawlessly...

7332928 :rainbowlaugh: Welcome to the thread. We hashed that one out.

Okay, I'm not disturbed about it. Just, it's new. I mean, usually there's some kinda intricate planet-pony-pun, or something. Earth works, though. I'm not one to lose sleep over something as silly as that, even if I didn't like it.

However, I am someone to lose sleep over minor grammatical errors. I'm crazy confusing like that. :pinkiecrazy:

7333264 It's admittedly uncommon, but not unheard of. Ponies don't have much reason to name the ground they stand on, and have little concept of being an orb spinning in space. They would, if anything, have an excellent reason to believe the old 'sun and moon orbit us' as in their case it does.

I always had a theory that the sun is still in the center of their galaxy, and Celestia just powers the orbit of the planet around the Sun. And Luna powers the Moons orbit around the planet.

I quite like my theory.

Still, what you're saying makes sense.

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