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Twilight and Rarity just want to spend some quality time up on the ferris wheel together, but a certain group of fillies might make that slightly more difficult.

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man it's been a long time since Iv seen a ship surge as strongly as RariTwi seems to be this month, Im seeing more of it than most of the usual 4 really big Mane 6 ships.

It turns out, the show was about fireworks XD

Oh my gosh, that's awful of them, but great for me because I love DRAMATIC KISSES.

This was super cute waaah <3

I can't read right now :raritycry:, but I'll give you a like and a favorite to help it get featured.

It was not! :raritydespair:
Yeah, that was embarrassing. :twilightblush:
Ya know what you're right, you should have kissed her more... :pinkiecrazy:
Wha? :pinkiegasp:
Cupcakes time!:fluttershysad:

That's certainly a joy ride of laughs. :rainbowlaugh:The ending was appropriate. The only compliant I have is that there was only one joke used; Rainbow and the CMC on the cart. Maybe have more scenes that distracted Twilight and Rarity from their privacy as well?

Who's going to tell Spike?

7404189 There's one problem: NOT IT!

That was great. I loved how Rarity turn the tables on them a bit. But Pinkie, as usual, flusters everyone. Priceless! Well done!

Wow! This was a great story! Have a like and a fave and HOW IS THIS NOT FEATURED? Love the end :pinkiehappy::yay:

Twilight nodded carefully, and the Rarity announced for the whole group to hear, "Alright, if it's a show you want, then it's a show you'll get!"

'The' Rarity? :duck:

The three crusaders pointed to the the seat in front of her, the alleged stallion with the top hat wipping of the disguise to reveal none other then the rainbow-maned pegasus, Rainbow Dash.

Don't forget the phony-baloney mustache. :pinkiecrazy:

This was adorable. I like how even though Rd and the cmc were spying to 'watch the show's once it started they split. And Futters on Pinkies back was great.

Was uhh, Twi going to ask Rarity to marry her? I'd love to know what that was going to be. Your rarilight was great, I liked this story a lot.

Well, that was cute, but why was Fluttershy on Pinkie's back?


Fluttershy doesn't know, either.


I'm not even sure, to be honest XD

"Watch the show?" Twilight mumbled to herself in confusion, cocking her head to the side. Then her face burned a dark scarlet as she realized the implications.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


P.S, if you see any grammatical mistakes and whatnot, could you please point them out? Thanks :D

Should I drop you a PM?

That would be nice :D

Question: What was Twilight gonna say!?

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