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The Worst Possible Thing happens to Sweetie Belle. She falls asleep in class. Well, at least her friends can back her up. Right?

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You got it exactly right...that is what sleep depravation sounds and looks like! That was hysterical! I liked Appleblooms attempt to save Sweetie, too. Nice work, you two!

"Oh, butter snails can open letter leaf cotton coffe trailer moon?"

I haven't thought about Sailor Moon for years... my older sister pretty much forced me to watch it with her. And this random bit of nonsense will now force me to watch it all again...

Oh, and I suppose the story was good. I've had moments like this before.

True story: I often used the floor beside my desk in my High School English class as a makeshift bed, with my backpack as a pillow. The teacher didn't care because she sucked at her job.

Cute oneshot. :twilightsmile:


Lol, really? And thank you :rainbowkiss:

That was hilarious when everybody started spurting nonsense. And I facepalmed so many times when Scoots and Apple Bloom tried to cover for her. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to fall asleep in my English class. Or even some of my CS or math classes.

You and your sister always write great stories, and this was no exception. Great job, and I can't wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

Kill your ugly socks. :rainbowlaugh:

Cute. Wish there was more though.

oh look, my life at ~8:30 every morning in class, well minus the friends


Oh myGod! I died! Pancakes butter lamp chicken peanut cider hoof?

7326142 I feel cheated.


Milk Shake morning grass show falafel!

Me no know what you saying ? Pancakes! Slippers! Timberwolves! And bunnies! Lots of Bunnies!


Do Buttermilk Pancakes Eat Cows with Condensed Candy Cane Juice??
Pink, because aliens don't wear hats.

7326174 Lots of bunnies? Oh, crap baskets they're over-breeding again!

Pancake bunnies. They were over-cooked

Aliens in hats are black and yellow! :rainbowlaugh:
And the when the leach sucked out all the pond water it died.
The bunnies are on the loose? Somebody floss, Colgate's missing! :rainbowlaugh:


Not if Doctor Whooves gets there first! Who's gonna eat the butter?:scootangel:

7326222 I need the butter to lube myself. Then I can fit through the hole in the 4th wall!


The 4th wall is only second to Applejack's chicken-ness. 6th at best.

I thunk Scootaloo was the only chicken?? :rainbowlaugh: jk, I love scootabutt! :raritywink:

7326244 There's a party in my mouth and it's giving me a headache. So I spat out the guests.


Were they ice cubes?

7326256 A psychic midget broke out of jail yesterday. The police are looking for a small medium at large.

Not to be mean, but why are you adding a fic about Sweetie Bell to a group about Apple Bloom?


"You just a lunch, Scootaloo. An hour ago."

Just a wee typo there :twilightsmile:

this was nice and i can totally relate; ive been known to fall asleep in most of my maths lectures :rainbowlaugh:

Well, she was in it too.


Would you like s'more?*

Great story! I loved the words you made up, it was pretty funny :rainbowlaugh: You have good sentence structure. Although you should try to develop a more detailed story. Perhaps you could make an adventure where Sweetie Belle goes on a strange quest during her sleep. Just a suggestion :twilightsmile:


Oh, that's actually a pretty good idea. :rainbowkiss:

The gibberish they started spouting reminded me of that episode of DS9 where they were infected with a Maki thing from back when the Cardasians occupied Tarok Nor which caused a form of ephasia I think it was called.


A little theory as to how the fic came into existence:



:pinkiegasp: were you spying on us?!

I've fallen in sleep at school before. I woke up about ten minutes after the next period started. :twilightblush:

Nice story! I feel like tree equals goat milk and a banana coconut milkshake laptop!

You didn't fall asleep, did you? I sure hope that cards are like pillows, and speech bubbles eat my buffalo chicken shelf!

7449083 I've been laughing for a minute straight...

Alright who gave her drugs?

1. Sweetie Belle is on the best drug of all: sleep
And two:

What flutter tree? Why?

Really:rainbowhuh: buuuut....you pulled it off with such ease. Great story

Waaiiitt VAT?!?!



Of course it is! That doesn't mean that some of my university lectures make it sound so boring :rainbowlaugh: tho normally its because they're morning lectures and im still too sleepy

Fantástico, muy gracioso. :moustache:
Me encant├│. Esta va a la lista de randoms con un pulgarcito arriba.

"I ate it!" Scootaloo blurted

Pure comedy gold

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