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Just a 13 year old girl obsessed with ponies. Feel free to eat marshmallows while you're here.


A short, fluff story about a shy butter stick who tries to order some ice cream from a group of fillies. While wearing socks. It goes as well as you'd think.

Edited by Harmony Pie (my sister)

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Comments ( 48 )

D'awww, birthday surprises are the best kind :yay:

Yes. She's just like Pinkie Pie :pinkiesmile:
Who forgets their own birthday?! :fluttershysad::heart:

Great Story. Fluttershy is best shy pony.~free hug

Why thank you! Accepts hug

That does sound a lot like Fluttershy...so nervous and excited that she would forget her own birthday!

Very cute and very well written. You two make a good team, I think. Congrats on a good story!

Aww thx. But I have much to learn about this site..... :3

Adorbs is too much...

Must... Fav...

All I have to say is...

Can't say it, I'm too busy melting from the cute! :heart:

This is really good! Well done for doing so great with your first story.

Good, cute chapter!

One question: Are the socks somehow enchanted? Maybe an anti-shy-spell or something?

Edit: Fixed.


:twilightsmile: Great story! I wonder why Fluttershy's friends didn't sign the card, though...

Card? What card? You mean the one Angel ate?:pinkiecrazy:
No..I don't know. Totally forgot about a card XD



...that makes perfect sense. Bunnies do eat card, right?

She looked confident, relaxed, and the exact opposite of a doormat. Perfect!


Really good though. My first story was absolute crap.

I can't believe Fluttershy forgot her own birthday! Great story by the way, I really enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

I think you'll do just fine. Thank you for the watch!

It's a nice little one shot. I can relate to Fluttershy saying um, in my case it's usually my brain loading what I want to say.

Ooh goodness.

Butterstick XD

That wasn't cute.

That was adorable, you should be ashamed because I am dead now.

Hi I'm one of Harmony Pie's Friends :)

Suddenly, a soft thud hit the wall in the other room. A very carrot-like thud. Good. He had heard.

:rainbow laugh: That was hilarious! This entire story was hilarious!

I know you should judge a story before it's finished, but...

"Angel! Momma's leaving! Don't forget to eat your carrots while I'm gone!" Fluttershy waited for an answer from her pet bunny, but was met with silence. Suddenly, a soft thud hit the wall in the other room. A very carrot-like thud. Good. He had heard.

I laughed too hard at this. The moment I read it, I knew it would be in my favorite's list.

I also love your style! It seems to flow so nicely, with what feels like the perfect amount of words, not too litle and not too much, to describe what's going on here. I love it! You're a very talented writer, it seems, and I'd love to see more stories from you! :moustache:

Not much going on in this story, but I like it. It's delightfully cute.

Just what I was aiming for. Thanksie! :twilightsmile:


Do you mind if I read this for my very first fanfic reading for my channel?
I will most definitely credit you and link this page in the description of the video!

Thank you so much! I link it to you as soon as it comes out! (Probably in a few weeks)

This is so cute! Can't wait for other stories from you :3

This story was just too cute. And who dared to hit that dislike button? I shall find them... :pinkiecrazy:

But I digress. Great job. That's an impressive like/dislike ratio for a first story.

Keep up the good work. :yay:

Aww, thank you! :fluttershyouch:
and I hope you are feeling better soon; my sister told me about you :heart: (harmony)

We'll be here for you ! X3

7232705 thank you. Really. It means so much. :pinkiesad2:

Wow, 61-0 like/dislike ratio. Nice job! And Fluttershy forgetting her birthday was genius. :pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed this story. You wrote it so well. I commend you on writing such an excellent first story.


Aww, thank you! <3 also,thank:rainbowkiss: u for following!

I usually don't go for pure fluff stories, but this was very cute and very well written.

Upvoted :yay:

I really should have seen that ending coming.
If only there were more authors who could surprise me like this.

So, according to your bio, you are thirteen years old.

And you wrote this. A Piece with pretty good grammar and punctuation, when usually people at your age write in a much worse way.

I cngratulate with thee, young madam, and, why not, I envy your abilities.

learned about you from the 'fluff sisters' group. this is the first one i read, and i gotta say, i like dit. lol keep it up

Great story! Although the plot could use a little work, I think it was overall good. I loved how you displayed Fluttershy's emotions and character. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Who hit that goddamn dislike button? :flutterrage:

Fwuffie :3

7322700 Your grammar was really good, but could you do a page search (ctrl+f) for of? I think there were a few 'could/should/would of's in there, and they should be 'could/should/would've or have :)

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