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The Dimension Diver

I have been all over many places, from fantasy worlds to future worlds, but there is one constant which remains. I love writing. I also love MLP, Dr. Who and Warhammer 40k. Must...write...many things!

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2193246 You are very welcome. I'll continue to read your work in the free moments I have. I like the storytelling, but I just get caught up on grammar errors and such (I can't spot plot holes to save my life). I hope it's been helpful and I'll keep giving comments as I go.
Cheers. :yay::derpytongue2:

Thank you very much for your suggestions! I've been looking for someone to help me improve my writing. You're the first to actually give me some in depth advice! Thank you so much again!

Hey, no problem—you are quite welcome! I hope that you have fun exploring the site.:twilightsmile:

2135413 Thanks. A warm (and unexpected to be sure) welcome. :yay:

Why hello there, new FIMFiction user! Welcome to the premiere site for MLP fan fiction!:pinkiehappy:

Diver, if you have any questions about how the site works, then please don't be afraid to ask me. I'm glad to be of service, and we are all glad that you've joined on!:twilightsmile:

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