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Just a 13 year old girl obsessed with ponies. Feel free to eat marshmallows while you're here.


Twilight starts to viciously attack Rarity with snuggles one fine, seemingly-normal morning. Cuteness and an extremely confused Rarity marshmallow follows.

Edited by thegamerator10 and Harmony Pie

{First 7 comments deleted accidentally}

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Needs more cat comparisons :pinkiesmile:

Aww, that was a cute and silly story. :raritywink: And wow! That plot twist at the end. I did not see that one coming. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

:raritydespair: Please get off of me, Twilight. I need to wash myself to prepare myself for the day today.
:twilightsmile: Oh, relax, Rarity. This snuggling session will only last...thirty more minutes.
:raritycry: Waaaaah! Please let me go! Please-!
:twilightangry2: (glares at Rarity)
:raritydespair: Oh, okay, darling. (thinking) Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

(Suddenly, Pinkie Pie pops out of nowhere)

:pinkiehappy: Ooh, hey girls! Want to try out my new recipe for- :pinkiegasp:
:raritystarry: Pinkie Pie! You're here! Please get Twilight off of-(Pinkie Pie is snuggling Rarity) :raritydespair: Why me?!

Urm.... certainly confusing to say the least. I get that you are trying to go for a simple cute fic but the confusion initially from why Twilight's wants to and is snuggling Rarity really put me off from enjoying it. The explanation of why she suddenly wants to snuggle was a little bit acceptable aside for the out of the blue "I love you" at the end. Probably needed more detail in the story overall as it felt lacking in many areas.

No offence to you as an author of course!


Why? Because snuggling

I don't know what you're talking about. She was quite clear to me. Makes perfect sense.

I can only surmise that this story was inspired by this image:

Despite my general distaste of ships, I will admit to having lol'd.:twilightsmile:

Your last 3 stories all had the same number of up and down votes.


I was gonna ruin it by upvoting this, but 7365163 beat me to it!


I took the image from what I saw, and it had 67 upvotes. If I clicked on the story earlier, then I would've saw 66 upvotes instead of 67.

#Rekted+MLG-360noscopes. User TwiSNUG has earned the achievement; Surprise Inversion, and Burnt Mallows

"Goodness, darling! What ever happened to your coiffeur?!"

Coiffeur means hairdresser in French, silly!

Source for title image?

Utterly adorable in every way. I could feel the fuzziness of cuddling ponies simply by reading this, and that's got to be an impressive achievement!

One or two grammatical nitpicks:

it wasn't an all-together unpleasant feeling

'Altogether' is probably the word needed there, rather than 'all-together' - those two words have altogether different meanings :P

trying hard so hard to what?

First 'hard' doesn't need to be there, methinks.

But other than that, some truly top-notch fluff! Just what I needed to warm my heart on this cold-ish evening.

Cute and funny. A golden combination. Good job!


All-together is wrong. Altogether can never mean all together. Most countries accept all together as an alternative form of altogether. Hyphenated is still wrong, though.


Is that the worst thing you found in this story? :twilightsheepish:

My comment was deleted accidentally? Oh well, I'll just have to say it again!
There was no potion? :pinkiegasp: Plot twist!

Needs more downvotes.

Hilarious! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for representing us teenage girls on the featured page! ;)


Why? We got a cute RariTwi story and Spike has to eat wet cat food. It's perfect.

Random Spike abuse (which is becoming disturbingly frequent again after it went away for a while) almost derails and ruins what is otherwise a very cute bit of fluff.

You you also added some extra instances of words words. A quick editing pass would probably take care of it for such a short fic.

Definitely liked! Love me some RariTwi.

7365274 Hairstyle / [to dress/style] hair. Depends on context.

7365964 Huh...wow it does, looks like we're both right :twilightsheepish:

7365978 Actually, since you corrected the usage all snootylike and were wrong in correcting, only I'm right.

This is so cute! The little plot twist at the end really escalated this from a decent one shot to a really good one shot! At the end I was left thinking "Whaa???.....wow, Twilight's clever!"

Great job author! :twilightsmile:

7365993 That's a bit harsh, I wasn't that snooty :applejackunsure: and coiffeur does mean hairdresser in french (coiffure is the hairstyle, and I'm really trying not to appear snooty but I am French so I know this)
Also here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/coiffeur

7366014 And? Doesn't change the fact you were wrong.

Heh, nice twist at the end.

Snuggles are awesome. :heart:

I wish there were more snuggles, though. :fluttercry: You can never have too many snuggles.

7365655 and you need to go find someplace else and not talk crap about a thirteen year old who put a lot of effort in this story. :twilightangry2:


Nothing makes me think "you don't actually know what you're talking about" like someone straight up saying "You're wrong." without backing it up with evidence.

I don't even speak French, but I am an enormous lit and etymology nerd.

-eur, in this context, is almost always the noun conjugation for a verb.

In this case, coiffeur refers to "one who coiff's," as in someone who styles hair. Otherwise known as a hairdresser. In the particular case of French, after a little bit of research, it is specifically a man who is a hairdresser (oh romance languages and your gendered conjugation). A female hairdresser being a "coiffeuse."

This is backed up by Merriam Webster, Google Translate, and the French localisation of Wikipedia, as well as the aforementioned etymological rules.

So, in point of fact, you are wrong. I just happen to have the facts to prove it.

I'm going to say, for the most part, you were being relatively civil. But just outright saying "you are wrong" without even doing the research to be sure is just foolish and makes you seem very antagonistic. I know, that's me being a hypocrite considering how condescending I'm being. But someone doing that is seriously a pet peeve of mine.

7366230 Shut the fuck up. Nobody asked for your input. :facehoof:

Please no swearing in the comments :twilightsheepish:



Sorry you feel that way.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't trying to make it abusive. Spike eating cat food was just a gag in Mentally Advanced Series, The Star In Yellow :scootangel:


Perhaps Rarity meant what happened to her hairdresser to make Twilight's hair so bad?

But probably not. I just heard her say it in the show.


I don't think any reasonable people would get onto you about using a foreign loan-word slightly incorrectly. I went on that rant because the person I replied to was getting very un-reasonable.

Especially considering, if your profile is true and you are 13, you are incredibly articulate and creative. I hope you continue to practice and nurture your writing!

I'm... not really sure what to make of this. Short, cute, bit of fluffness, and shipping. Hmmph. I'll call you back when I have some ideas.

Oh,ok! My phone number is fluffinessexpress123Friendshipismagic

What? Oh. I enjoyed the story! It was cute and silly. I was just elucidating on Konami's point.

Yay! Featured ! Great story! Congrats!

"I was trying to make a love/honesty potion, but I messed it up, and then Spike accidentally added it to my morning coffee. Pshh. Spike really needs to start paying more attention! I swear, he's so ungrateful for the cat food I feed him! And it's even wet!"

Twilight Snuggle slaver driver confirmed.


Though I wish it had gone on for pages and pages, this was short but very sweet ;u; I especially liked Rarity's characterization, and the descriptions were quite nice throughout. There were a few odd sentences here and there, but nothing that really took me out of the reading, and the fluff was doing a really good job at keeping me distracted eeeee

Gosh, it was really cute, though. Especially that last line, I don't know why, but I really loved it :raritystarry: I can just imagine Twilight's tone and I DON'T KNOW I JUST REALLY LIKED IT A+ ENDING SENTENCE

Also, CONGRATS ON THE FEATURE!!! That is super exciting, and it's always nice to see adorkable RariTwi fics up there o:

All in all, this was a super cute fic, and thank you for sharing it with us waaaah

You and your sister are planning a full-scale adorableness invasion of the feature box, aren't you.

Hey, Twilight that's a pretty good idea.
-Few days later-
Twilight it didn't work! I snuggled a woman at a restaurant and I got a slap to the face and a talk with a policeman. Maybe I need a cat?
-Straps cat to chest-
There we go this outta do it.

In all seriousness this was an excellent fic. Freaking adorable.

"...I swear, he's so ungrateful for the cat food I feed him! And it's even wet!"
Rarity decided to ignore that last comment about Spike's diet, but somewhere in the back of her head, she decided to sneak him marshmallows at night from then forward.

Rainbow Dash Presents? If so, nice reference o3o

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