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Perfect has seven letters and so does meeeeee.


After a long day working, Twilight realizes Rarity hasn't come over to bother her at all, and honestly, that's even more distracting than the actual act of distracting her.

Short warmup ficlet written in between chapters of another story.
Cover art belongs to the awesome Selective-Yellow!

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All the likes. Short, sweet and just what I needed.

Well, excuse me while I go chase away all the hearts above my head from how much I loved this story :twilightsmile:

Yey, 10th like! Good stuff, holds off my withdraw until the next Enchanted Library chapter.....:raritywink:

:raritystarry: Oh my stars and garters, I didn't know how much I needed that until I got it. Love it! I was grinning like a fool from start to finish!

Awww. That was pretty great. Wish I could manage this sort of tone honestly.

this was darn right adorable! this has to be one of the best written romance stories! you were right on with the emotions of rarity and twilight! and adding pinkie and fluttershy was a sure delight! bravo and well done!!

Sciz #8 · May 8th, 2016 · · ·

i must redeem myself before the raritwi gods

You are the RariTwi god, Mono.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss. I needed another fix, and, now, i feel like i should read Injuring Eternity again. I need another cry. I really can't upvote these any harder.

the raritwi gods contacted me (I am the oracle btw)

They said your quota of raritwi fluff has been filled until July.

I don't usually read RariTwi, but when I do it has to be weapons grade cute.

oh my goodness Mono are you trying to kill me 'cause daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i almost died of cuteness and fluffness! :heart:

The Raritwi gods accept this delicious sacrifice and are appeased.

This is enough adorableness to keep them happy for weeks I would expect.

And sneaky sneaky PinkieShy. :yay:

I know that routine part all too well. Omg. It's like you get used to people around you who annoy you to no end but yet when they aren't there it feels like something is just, like, out of place. lol

Loved that 'asserting' part. So cute. So dorkishly adorkably insecure yet still asserts her affections on Rarity just to make sure she's not losing out on Rarity's affections here. So cute.

Dat return of Flutter Pie. Yes, please, get over yourselves and get a room already! I mean, I can see the attraction. Pinkie Pie is a party animal, Fluttershy loves taking care of animals. It all just makes for a perfect match up.

Huh, I didn't know I could get diabetes from text.

Gratz on the feature box, well done.

If i keep reading more of this raritwi trash, i'm going to become a fan of that myself. horrible. :raritydespair:

7195673 I'd rather it be long and thick; but you're not completely at fault.

Dang, for an asshole I'm such a chickenheart for silly romances...

Cute and fluffy.

Cute and fluffy. I liked it. I liked the dialogue more than the narrative, which to me seemed slightly choppy in the reading, but the dialogue was very nice for making it a sweet and lovely little piece.

Mmm, a new rarilight fic. Better check it out.

Ooh, it's you again :ajsmug:

Rarity often spent most of her days in the castle, or as she liked to call it, "the more spacious Carousel Boutique".


That was great, so cute and fluffy.

How cute are they? Super cute. Twilight trying to be bold and suave is very adorkable, and Rarity has quite the well tuned sixth sense to pick up on when Twilight wanted more attention. :twilightsmile:

*gasp* PinkieShy. :pinkiehappy:

As always, your dialogue is absolutely beautiful! Such wonderful interactions! Overall, a nicely done and very cute piece.

Enjoyable, sugary cuteness as expected but... just as an exercise... you could maybe expand on that Pinkie x Fluttershy tease here in another fic...
you know... if you wanted to...:fluttershysad:

Whenever I see a Twilight/Rarity ship, I just assume it's you before I even check the username... And I'm usually right. That's oddly amusing and I don't know why.

#1 Rarity ship: Rarijack.
#1 Twi-Mane6 ship: Twijack.

Clearly this must mean that Raritwi has moved up to my #2 as far as Mane6 ships go. Congratulations!


Aurora, I'm going to make it my lifE'S MISSION TO GET RARITWI TO NUMBER ONE.

Mark my words....

Mm, while you haven't quite convinced me that RariTwi is #1 as claimed... (TwiDash for the win!)
:twilightsmile: I loved it. Very sweet, very cute~


We shall see! Do your best!

Comment posted by MaggotKing556 deleted May 10th, 2016

7202955 It's pretty impolite to make a comment like that on a Rarilight story. If you want Twidash stories, there are groups that list lots and lots of them. If you like another pairing, that's fine, but that doesn't belong here.

Surely the RariTwi gods will be appeased by this.

I love this story. Short and simple, it is very relatable to my boyfriend and me.

Often during the semester he spends hours to days studying (math), and then there are plenty of "I guess" moments. But it's those little breaks and moments that are really special to the whole relationship.

Jesus this was cute.

so cute,
also fluttershy and pinkie is a ship I never seen before......

How come I hadn't read this before?

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