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This story is a sequel to The Masquerade

After a long day, Twilight is ready for a quiet night keeping watch over the Princess. Or, it would have been a quiet night had the Princess not decided her bodyguard's sleeping arrangements were 'simply unacceptable'.

Part of the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity". Prior knowledge of the AU is not necessary to read the story.

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Nice to see you writing something in this AU again :twilightsmile:
Keep it up!

Short and simple. Very nice to see, indeed!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks, Skeeter! I'm glad you liked it :3


Yeaaah, it's been a while, but considering it's one of my absolutely favorite AUs, I figured the time had come to write another oneshot for it.

ahhh what a nice way to start a day and the year, isn't it? :yay:
I love this AU and mixed with your writing, :raritystarry:damn you're killing me :twilightsmile:

Nice and fluffy. With that little extra that makes the bond between them so fun to read.

and a voice from within replies, “you keep telling yourself that, you piece of raritwi trash.”

From within the house or within the young woman?

It's just a voice... all around... constant... ship-shaming me... when will it stop...? who knows...

ehehe thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

That's how I like my ships!

...With death and potential murders looming over them. Either go hardcore or not at all.

Thank youuu! I'm glad it made for a nice way to start the day!

The best way to wake up is to find your favorite author has wrote for your favorite ship. Good work, Mono. :heart:

death and potential murders...

Now I'm imagining this as Game of Thrones, and the only two characters here are Rarity and Twi. This worries me.

Still love this AU.

No, wait, there's that other guard! He/she can die, it's K.

Please don't kill off Rarity or Twi. :fluttershysad:

I used to have that, but... this fic itself kinda didn't fit into the continuity of my other fics, but I'll consider it for the future o:

RariTwi... Games of Thrones... AU....

*quietly adds that to my list of 20+ RariTwi AUs*

Ehehe, thank youuuu, Kinsley <3

this was really cute, I loved it!

Chromea, I'm going to be in serious trouble if you ever stop dealing RariTwi.

Yes! You've written for this AU again!
Most pleasing.

This is adorable and I love it.

I see a bunch of people referring to this as though it's an established AU, but I don't think I've read any of it. I'm going to have to fix that.

Very much worth the read, and, believe it or not, this is my first Princess Rarity fic I've read. I like it. Good job.

happy to be trash with you if that's what it's called.

I have to say that I very much enjoy reading your stories in this universe. They are all stand alone stories, but each is great in it's own way. Keep writing them and I'll read them all.


Just kidding! ^~^ :twilightsheepish::heart::raritywink:

But seriously, you ship these two almost as much as I ship them.....
Well, time to read this.

P.S. Please actually update "The Enchanted Library" more often...


I second that notion.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I think you might be the single most dedicated ship writer on this site currently. it's impressive.

Ha! Your authors note is as funny as this story is cute! Loved it.

First time reading anything by you, and first time reading this AU. Pleasantly surprised by both, keep doing what you do.

January 1st, 2016.
A young woman sits on the balcony of her house, having been waiting there all night to see the first sunrise of the new year. “This year will be different,” she says firmly, the new year’s resolve strong in her heart. “This year I’ll write for other ships.”

Moments later, the skies above change, and one by one, the stars make way for the sun. The rays of sunshine stroke her face, and a voice from the heavens replies, “you keep telling yourself that, you piece of raritwi trash.”

This is why we love ya Mono. Keep doing you.

I love finding new AU to binge on!

It's terrible, though. I sit down, think "oh man, let's try this new ship!", I get super excited, except then my brain goes: "Okay, but consider RariTwi", and all my attempts at multishipping die.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

Ehehe, thank you! :3

Honestly, this is the first fandom I've ever written for where I'm just... really passionate about the ship. And I think, more than that, RariTwi never gets stale for me, or I never run out of ideas.

The issue, of course, with writing so much RariTwi is that I run the risk of repeating myself and maybe, I don't know, write the same fics with different settings, which I guess is why I try to always explore new scenarios and settings. I don't know if I've managed totally, but all I can do is keep doing what I love, and hope the RariTwi fandom doesn't get sick of me soon pfffft especially because I'm not going anywhere soon, I think XD

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Great! It was getting lonely in here. It's not very roomy, but we can manage, and share stories :3c

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :D

Hi! I'm glad you liked it!

And yes, it's an established AU made by Earthsong9405, but a lot of the fanfics for the AU have been written by fans of her AU rather than by Earthsong herself. However, she makes incredible drawings and adds a lot of lore in her posts, which you can read here!

Indeed I have! o: :trollestia:
I'm glad you liked it, Astra! :D

I don't think that will happen soon, so you may rest easy.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Hi! I'm glad you liked it!

As for Enchanted Library, it's.... coming?

Unfortunately, I have a very demanding job, and because of the crazy schedules, it's hard to find time to write. I have time to write small one-shots like this one since it's a simpler process, but writing Enchanted Library is a much more difficult process since I have to sit down, make the outline, write the first draft, get it edited, write the second draft, etc etc... I wish I could update it frequently, but going from previous experiences, forcing myself to write EL makes it a much harder process so for now, please be patient o:

Thank youuu, White! I'm glad you liked this one-shot, too :D

I'll never get off the HMS SunLight, but damn is this cute. :twilightsmile:

6810263 alright. Ill have patience.

your evil, i want to know what the rumour is X3

Very, very cute! I really liked it!


Awesome, thank you!

And Holy Mother of Theresa's Second Cousin, that is a lot of responses in one go! I imagine all that must've taken you a while to write up. I hope you don't feel obligated to respond to every single comment; no one expects you to, and no one who's worth your attention will think less of you for neglecting to respond to some things.

If you enjoy it, that's awesome, and it is neat to get responses from the author – I just hope it doesn't run you dry, you know?

This isn't the first Rarilight story I've read, but it is probably my favorite. I just want to know more about them and their romance. I already have Twixie trying to tear down my baracade that TwiPie has set up, and now RariPie has joined the battle. Really though, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Such a great AU! :heart: I wish that Earthsong would have more art of it on her DA account, but that's just me being wanty wanty needy needy grabby grabby. :derpytongue2:

What can I say about this fic besides that I love it? The dialogue is perfect as always. I loved the last two lines. The story was adorable and fluffy! Excellent as always Mono!:twilightsmile:

Not bad ^-^ It was sweet. Eight and three-quarters of a muffin out of ten. :derpytongue2:

It's alright. I preferred your previous Princess Rarity/Guard Twi, though.

What a way to reply to fans.:ajsmug:

Re-reading this later in 2016 and hey! You kept your new years resolution! Your RariPie fic is positively lovely.

We still need more Earthsong RariTwi though, chop chop! :raritywink::twilightsmile:

I'm beginning to like RariTwi more than RariPie.

"you piece of raritwi trash"

Whoop! Congrats on the big 1000, Mono! You deserve it for writing such adorable Raritwi fluff:rainbowkiss:

Adorable story, but the word nonplussed means the opposite of what I think you thought it meant.. Threw me out of the story. You may want to change it...just sayin'.

I adore your author's note.

Aaaaa I continue to melt in delight... :rainbowlaugh:

You stopped doing these and I'm sad these fluffs were my fav especially the romantic nuzzling and cuddling going on :P

^^^^^^^^^^^ 100% true

Every time I find a story in an AU like this one, I can't help but snicker as I imagine what would happen if Princess Twilight Sparkle suffered a magical portal mishap and landed there. Oh the confusion! :pinkiehappy:

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