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In a world where ponies see in grayscale until they meet their soulmates, finding your soulmate is a momentous occasion, where the special connection between you quite literally colors your life. When Twilight began dating Rarity, she didn't mind that she couldn't see in colors.

Or, so she thought, until the day Rarity suddenly could.

RariTwi Challenge fic meant to be a different take on one of the many Soulmate!AU prompts circulating Tumblr.

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Great rom-angst. Tinder Hooves feels like a bit of a loose end, but I dont think him remaining part of their lives would have been healthy in the long term. Always a pleasure to read one of yours.

This....Is a really freaking cool idea that I cant believe I have never seen be done before. Holy shit.
OK so first of all this story is really well written, I could not find a single error that needed fixing and I'm normally quite picky about these things.
Second the story itself is fascinating and It had me interested right from the start to the very end.
I cant thing of a good third point right now so ill just say again, wow that was good.

This story is very thought provoking and something I will defiantly be thinking about for a while.
I would love to see more of this idea. I hope you do more with this AU. Would be really cool to see more of this explored although it dose work really well as a one shot so its not a necessity.

All that's left to say is this. If you are even considering reading this, then take the 15 minutes it will take and read it. Chances are you will enjoy this.

Very sweet, in the end, though I spent most of it feeling a bit sorry for poor Twilight. A nice surprise, and a pleasant start to my day. :twilightblush::raritystarry:

You could say the ponies see in... Monochromatic (insert rimshot here)

[11/17/15, 10:56:51 PM] Chrome: i cant think of a title for the fic tho
[11/17/15, 10:56:59 PM] qt3.14 ponies: Monochromatic
[11/17/15, 10:57:04 PM] Chrome: omg
[11/17/15, 10:57:05 PM] Chrome: no
[11/17/15, 10:57:20 PM] qt3.14 ponies: Fine


I was feeling a bit low, then I read this and now... Much better. Thank you. Have a fav.

Huh, neat to see the soulmates thing being more a matter of how they compliment each other, rather then destiny bound love. The bit about Celestia and Luna being soulmates in this sense works really well given the whole day/night thing.

Ah, and when rarity started talking it was perfect and sooo rarity.

Heheheehe! Gah it's just so cute I can't stand it! I can totally see Twilight reacting like that. And Rarity turning down the picture frames so that she could see how Twilight looks in person? Genius!

I just love the idea of ponies seeing color when they meet their soulmate. Though geez, I can only imagine how much drama that would cause!!! You don't know if that pony is going to be like a best friend, a sister/brother, or a romantic partner to you....I mean, what if pony A wants best friendship but pony B has turned down other ponies for years waiting for what they wanted to be a romantic soulmate connection? What if someone was married for years and had foals and then they meet their "real" romantic soulmate with whom they feel an instant romantic connection with...
Gracious, I think sticking with the method we use now would be less chaotic! :twilightoops: :rainbowlaugh: For the purpose of the story though, it was great!

By the way, I noticed the stallion's name in this fic was Tinder Hoof. An intentional OC name or did you mean Trenderhoof? Just curious because they are so similar.

Wonderful as always Mono, of whose name I can't help but giggle about in relation to this fic. :twilightsheepish:

P.s Nice touch with the rainbow colored page breakers!

What a clever concept!

And brilliant execution, too.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Soulmate!AUs are super common in Tumblr, but I had never seen one where the ship wasn't soulmates, so I thought it'd be interesting to see if I could take that twist and still make it super fluffy.

Thank you, Peachy! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! And yeah ahahaha I like to think soulmates isn't necessarily romantic.

Ahh, I'm glad it made you feel better :3

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, though the story was originally prompted to me. I was asked to write a soulmate!color AU, and I wanted to see if I could pull it off by not making them soulmates. I also think it would be fascinating to explore more, but I already have one huge AU driving me crazy xD

Ah, thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Very sweet story :twilightsmile:. The whole concept was thought-provoking. It would be interesting to see more of it explored.

This is why I come to FimFiction.
This should go in the permanent archives this was too cute.

That was actually pretty special. I've never read a story with a concept even similar to this one. The whole setup was just great. This is definitely a story I'll read again at some point.

A true Disney ending would have had Twilight suddenly seeing in color as she accepted the fact that Rarity was her Soul Mate and her magic reached out and etc etc and so on and so forth unecessary.

Good fic though.

Fate doesn't control love. Good for you.

I think about this idea often, and you've written it very well. This made me think, what if there was something else to it? For example, if someone was bad for you or going to hurt you, you see everything distorted? That would prevent allot of heartbreak lol. Anyways, this story makes me think allot, and that's a sign of a well written, great story. :twilightsmile:

Interesting concept and one of the lesser used inter-Mane Six pairings, too. It's pretty obvious why it had to be these two, though... it wouldn't have read the same way otherwise.

This was cute, but I was heavily reminded of Christine Feehan's Dark series, where the vampires can't see color until they find the woman they're meant to be with. It's a great series, and if you like this concept and actually HAVEN'T read the Dark series, you should check it out! It's amazing. I'd love a sequel where Twilight gets to see colors, perhaps because she starts believing in soulmates and her magic realizes that RARITY has been her soulmate all along, or perhaps some random stallion like this, but I'd still like to see Twilight's reaction to seeing Rarity in color. Rarity's mane is more beautiful than Twilight's.:raritystarry:

Oh god that ending just about killed me. Very nice, Chrome.

Wow. Seriously, just wow. I mean, I knew how it was going to end, but that didn't weaken it at all. The whole intro before the conversation with Applejack was just beautiful, and I seriously thought I was going to die when Twilight walked into the boutique and saw all the pictures. The following is an accurate portrayal of me right now as I type this post:

A wonderful idea worthy of the highest praises! Great story!

I didn't know I wanted this until I read it... however, I now need a sequel where Twilight gets to see Rarity in color for the first time.

This reminded me of a letter Tolkien wrote to his son, I believe while the latter was serving in the Royal Air Force.

But the ‘real soul-mate’ is the one you are actually married to.

That was good. Kinda depressing if you read too much into it, yet pretty sweet. I was almost expecting Cadance to have been the ruler of this Equestria or have some doing in this whole system somehow. Great stuff. That Rarity was so Rarity but I just totally wanted to hug Twi the whole way through. <3

Now if only someone would do us RariTwi the pleasure of allowing a certain other AU with a HUMAN tag to get through the system. Because, you know, stuff isn't MLP enough if you have characters acting like that characters with character names but aren't pony is evil and somehow still suffers the archaic abuse of a subjective note that varies far too much between person to person.

*takes deep breath*

When the hell did this place become Equestria Daily?

You know what? Don't answer that. Yeah, I'm in a grumpy mood. Though some people need to get over that whole "not mlp" enough stigma. I need me some more RariTwi. At least let us know if the description needs work. We need to make a more clear standard on what people can and cannot do with their imagination and the HUMAN tag.

Seriously, have you seen the crap that passes through? Don't make me make a displaced pony fic goes to a humancon dressed as their favorite human, gets sent to that human world as that human to do stuff with the humans but as we know they aren't really a human because they are just a pony that somehow became their costume, say Lyra (or Octavia for style points) who got dragged along becomes their cosplay.

So it's TOTALLY pony MLP, but set in the human world as a displaced pony fic. That seems cool, no?



Yeah, stuff. Stuff is stuff. Don't deprive our Fimfiction of Raritwi.

Oh wow. This relationship is going to last exactly as long as it takes them to have their next fight.

Congratulations on nailing a spot in the Feature box.

:pinkiehappy: Time to celebrate!


That was such a beautiful story, and well written and just amazing. I don't ship them but I liked it anyways. I do this for so few stories but you get a 5 out of 5 :raritycry:

This was very good.
While reading, I hoped that it wouldn't end so happily, because I felt the obvious ending would cheapen it. Once I got there, however, the ending was handled very well and didn't cheapen the story at all, for which I am glad.

Ahh, I'm sorry to hear that, but I suppose it was bound to happen D: i have failed you, user, i have failed you

Yes, unfortunately this was very much a practice-fic because I've been having a really hard time with other stories, so I really didn't go in-depth into the mechanics of the world. Also, in my defense of Rarity, 80% of the population is color-blind so it's not too bad? xD

So what type of relationship will Rarity have with her soulmate going forward? Obviously not a romantic one.
A professional one, perhaps? Maybe he is some amazing fashion designer too.
And I'd love to see a second chapter or sequel with Twilight's soulmate.

So I know who has a tumblr, apparently.

(For those confused, this exact concept came from a tumblr post, or maybe the tumblr post posted this idea as their own. Either way, someone has a tumblr)

I'm a fan of your RariLight stories. I won't complain to world-building because it would take forever to establish a believeable world based on this conception and I'm afraid if I were to do it, I'd come up with a conclusion that it can't exist anyway. :D What I wanted to say is, your fics are as adorable as always. Good luck with your writing!

A nice story, but there are some depressing implications if you think about it.

Loved it.
(Ahh, short, simple and to the point.)

I love it! A deliciously original concept :twilightsmile:

I think this concept deserves a novel or two. With its own world and characters, and deeper exploration into the concept of a soul mate. In a world like that, I'd think that things like this would happen more often, and the bond with your soul mate would be a deep but not necessarily romantic one. Sort of like having a very close twin, a best friend you feel like you've known forever that you can always count on. It could explore the concept of losing your soul mate too, and maybe they could have a special kind of magic. It would be a rare thing, most people would never find that person, and that's what makes the main character special. I kind of want to go write it now. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a nice story

I was wondering when a soul mate story would make its way over to this site, considering the current obsession Tumblr seems to have with the trend. Now I want to write a RariShimmer soul mate story I MEAN.

All seriousness, an excellent fic. I find I actually prefer that Rarity and Twilight aren't soul mates, it makes the whole story so much more meaningful, and I liked the additional touch of Luna and Celestia being soul mates without the romantic implications. It's rare to see a story address the fact that being someone's soul mate doesn't always mean you're in love with them.

Well clearly Soulmates in this context don't need to be romantic, which well Cadance literally said with Celestia and Luna as an example of non-romantic soul mates.

I pity the poor soul who starts seeing in color upon meeting Snails.

6645188 Shouldn't it be Monochromantic instead? X3

This was an absolutely wonderful idea. An excellent snippet of romance, especially for a ship that I don't normally support.

This was a really unique idea and it ended up being a really adorable story.

For my first RariTwi fic, I think I made a good choice of what to read. :twilightsmile:

a notebook and several scientific devices appearing next to her. “Are you busy for the next six hours? And have you taken any liquids or eaten anything for the past twelve hours? That might alter the results, but I can work with it.”

Kinky. :trollestia:

This reminds me of Pleasantville.

This is so nice and sweet!!! and I loved the ending!!! XD

Oh gosh I'm dying.
They're so adorable and just.

This is so cool!

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