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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

A routine visit to Ponyville's ghostly princess is interrupted by the unfortunate fact that Rarity may have a small (see: big) fever.

Small oneshot set in the universe of The Enchanted Library. Takes place aprox. sometime before chapter 7 of TEL.

Thanks to lillo for the beautiful art!!!

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Not to be dramatic, but TELverse RariTwi is genuinely one of the best iterations of RariTwi I've ever written and I would die for them, thank you.

I honestly first read that as "one of the best iterations of RariTwi ever written". Which, I mean, you're not wrong.

look i wasnt gonna say it like that but now you said it and honestly you're right and we should say it

Seven years ago the origonal oneshot of the Enchanted Libary was published and I remember wishing there was more then just one chapter.
Now 7 years latter we have 2 finished books and a 3rd in progress, a small libary of sidestories, lots of art and a wonderfull little comunity.
I have been in the MLP fandom since 2012, but The Enchanted Libary is the story that got me involved in the community.
Thank you Mono. Not just for writing and sharing one of the best stories in the fandom, but for helping me meet and get to know so many wonderfull people.
I can never thank you enough.

Goddesses this is painfully cute! I love it so much! <3

“I thought that would be obvious,” she said, closing her eyes and drifting off. “It’s because you’re my favorite princess.”

Oh, Rarity, always picking the fluffiest way into Twilight's heart

Thank you, Mono for this gift of a story

“You look terrible,” Twilight said, completely missing Rarity’s rather hurt glance. “I don’t understand. Why did you come if you’re sick?”

My dumb, first thought was "what if Rarity got Twilight sick"?

This is such a nice story, Monochromatic! I loved it, I really enjoy seeing the gaps between the big events in TEL filled in with moments like these!

AAaaaaa! It's so fluffy!

I love this so much Mono. You do a masterful job of making me feel giddy when I read your stuff.

I would read the crap out a ghost getting the sniffles..

Every time i wake up
pounds wall
my addiction for Raritwi grows ever more
sob. so fluffy I'm gonna die

Lovely one-shot, and a great way to commemorate the TEL-iversary.

Purple GFs OTP FTW:duck::twilightblush:

Cute as always friend! <3

She READS her DIARY to her!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna melt, this is too cute

Wow, what a way to celebrate seven years. This has a similar energy to the original one-shot, but your growth as a write shines through so brightly here. It's son nice to read RariTwi fluff from you again, and you've still managed to capture the really cozy dynamic that these two are capable of having perfectly.

We were promised diamond and amethyst adorable fluffyness, and we got it.

Thank you, Mono, for the wonderful start to my day.


Very nice. Feelings are complicated indeed.

There's always been an interesting dynamic between those two in the early days: Twi has always been unsure of herself and what exactly Rarity wants while Rarity has been the same in regards to Twilight.

More than once I just wanted to throttle both of them. :derpytongue2:

Rarity has proven over this series that she would move the world for Twilight.

Ectoplasm everywhere, just like when Slimer got sick on The Real Ghostbusters.

Really sweet story! It was pretty neat seeing Twilight's perspective of the TEL times. Hearing about her intrusive thoughts is a nice detail that you can only really appreciate after TEK. But now clearly you need a TEC-set story where Twilight gets sick and Rarity takes care of her. 1000 years without getting the flu, or the flu vaccine, after all.

Actually wait, is this your first ever "taking care of sick love interest" story for RariTwi?

Once again, Mono, you have written a masterwork and made me want for more.

I know Princess Twilight is finally free in the main story but I really, really love these heartwarming Ghostly Library stories, and I wish there was more*.

*Something like this is exactly why.

It's the only raritwi I look forward to reading.

Equestria pays so little heed to anything resembling sane biology that that may be a legitimate risk.

A wonderfully sweet story.

It's your fault I love RariTwi fluff. Featured this on episode 314 of Pony 411!

They're so perfect oh my gosh.

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