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As is tradition post-Twilight-Really-Messed-Up-The-Multiverse, the Prime Rarityship Council has its latest meeting. What bonds these Raritys together? The simple fact that they’re all dating a different member of their close friend group.

Commission for Dimbulb.

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lol that was great. Loved how everyone acted a bit different yet were all Rarity. Makes sense that the Rarity dating Pinkie would get more desserts, and nice that everyone supported her.

This was really charming! That is exactly what Raridash would be like.

this happened to me once

"Everydarling" XD
Friggin perfect as usual. Huh, is this this first time you've mentioned ployshhipping in a fic? I can't recall. Lovely as always to read your work, darling! <3

Now we just need to hit up the other Councils.

Seriously, I don't know how you come up with these hilarious ideas all the time.

Although given that it's you, I am quite surprised it wasn't Raritwis and that they didn't outnumber the others 3 to 1.

“Fluttershy is allowed to have her wedding wherever she wants.”

Yes, yes she is. Love that whomever they were dating, they all loved Fluttershy.

Man, this was adorable.

:yay: :yay: :yay: All my yays! This was such a great commission. I thank you so much for writing it.

Fluttershy: Oh dear God no!
Rarity: Fluttershy what's wrong with you?
Fluttershy: Oh nothing I just had a waking nightmare, please continue, singular Rarity

The closest thing that exists to a Rarity RariTwi only council fic is the WIP in my Google docs where a bunch of Raritys from all my AUs are stuck in a single universe

"Er, okay, Bae, I know you're probably pretty mad at me right now."
"Oh, the only things 'pretty' here are the usual - I am exceptionally angry with you. Yo-"
"I know, I know, I'm kinda banned from the kitchen after the cream brolly incident..."
"For the hundredth time, it's crème brûlée, and furthermore, there's nothing 'kinda' about it. You are expressly banned due to..."
"The fact I always screw up in here, I know. It's just... this is something I know I can make. Heh, pretty much the only thing I can."
"Yeah, toasted haybacon-and-egg sandwiches - easy. Or, they should be... but I didn't know where everything was cause I'm not allowed in here and I left it too long and... yeah."
"Okay, not the most sophisticated fare, but I can see how you might have intended things, but I'm still not clear on exactly why."
"Well, I wanted to do something nice for you after I... called all those other Rarities lame for dating other ponies."
"Really not helping your case, dearie."
"I know, that was so not cool of me... even if you are the awesomest Rarity by, like, twenty billion percent. But, anyway, I wanted to make up for that."
"With toasted sandwiches? I can think of other ways to apologize... ways that don't involve defying both household and, if that legislation passes, national law."
"Yeah, I guess, it's just..."
"It's just what?"
"It's just this meal's kinda... special to me, you know. Reason I know how to do it's cause my parents'd always make it for me whenever I was down and I just... I just wanted to share it with you. It was dumb, I'm sorry."
"Sun-dammit! One day, Rainbow... One day, I swear on my life, I will find it within myself to stay mad at you. But it seems today is not that day!"
"Oh, you're still going to have this clean and restored by the time I get back from the meeting if you don't want to be on the couch until the next one. Buuuut if you do manage it... well, let's just say still sleeping in our bed may have some... extra perks."
"Yes, Ma'am! On it, Ma'am! Kitchen will be clean, repaired and unused, Ma'am!"
"That's my filly. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some alter egos to vent to."

(Sorry for the long comment - just pictured the scene and wanted to get it down.)

You got to do the pinkie pies next, it' gonna be funny

Reminder: Fluttershy canonically left a lucrative career as a supermodel because she didn't like the work culture. For that episode to make any sense, she has to be an incredible catch.

the council of applejacks is just 6 applejacks sitting around the table nodding their heads.

I choose to imagine that Rarijack is human because Hasbro was not subtle.

Aaaaa missed you!

Now I’m imagining a council of every MLP ship (including crossovers)…


I love it.
Nice story, i'd love to see more of it!

I noticed a distinct lack of a SPARITY member of the council, I am rather disappointed

I have always read/interpreted Spike as a child, so I would never feel comfortable writing him in a relationship with an adult

Read this awhile ago on your website. Still love it. :heart: This gives me an idea for a Twilight version myself.

Is the "Twilight-Really-Messed-Up-The-Multiverse" a story because I am intrested in reading it. Sorry if that was rude

She is an incredible catch. Just look at her.

Rarishy was my first OTP before the show blatantly shipped her off to Discord, although the reason for it was not really about their looks. I noticed that within the mane 6, Rarity is the most tactful, considerate and supportive to Fluttershy ('Green isn't your color' and 'Filli Vanilli' as proofs). And they seemed to be especially close even among the mane 6, frequently having tea and spa days with each other. Their personalities also match each other really well, being the more gentle and girly in their group. Even as Fluttercord sank my ship, and Mono gave me a new one to root for, I still have a soft spot for Rarishy.


She is an incredible catch. Just look at her.

Sadly, the cartoon resolution I have to put up with is insufficient to discern that. Also I barely have an idea what's considered attractive to my own species. :derpytongue2:

… So are the Fancy Fleur Rarities
A) A bunch of Rarities in a relationship with their Fancy or Fleur?
B) A bunch of Rarities in a relationship with their Fancy AND Fleur?
Or C) a bunch of Rarities who ship their Fancy and Fleur?

The fact that we only get to see the first half hour is a crime.

I'm picturing them standing alongside a fence in a row, each holding a mug of cider. The only things you hear are some oddly familiar words.

Delightful bit of multiversal silliness (my favorite kind!) Thank you for it. And I find myself what the various Rarities’ spouses might say when meeting up.

If you really really want to see one, I think the penultimate version would be Songs of the Spheres.

Be prepared if you haven't heard of it though. The thing is massive and spans multiple fandoms with multiple variations from different ones. On the plus side if you like reading though is it'll take you a long time to finish it. Especially if you go down all of the rabbit holes that it'll introduce you to from all of the different shows, books, web novels, web animations, fan fictions, and the like if you go check out all of them. I found a whole bunch of different fics through it and had a blast.

Also Mono, good job with the fic here. Just a nice fluffy piece to chuckle and relax with. :twilightsmile:

That was great

But where's rari-2? The one dating herself?

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