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Twilight Sparkle travels to the underworld in a desperate bid to bring her beloved back from the dead. All she has to do is follow the terms dictated by the underworld goddess.

Simple, right?


Based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Big thanks to the ever wonderful Carabas for editing and also for writing a few descriptions on account of me being a whiny baby who hates describing places.

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Twilight you goober.

I could've guessed someone had been playing Hades, even before the notes at the end.

Luna works surprisingly well as the cantankerous bitter god of the underworld.

If Luna completely wiped Twilight's memory she wouldn't have remembered that little slip-up about her poem(s).

Twilight forgot everything about the underworld, but not about her meeting with Luna - how'd she know the terms of Rarity's release otherwise? An that meeting unfortunately contained Luna's little slip-up about Twilight's poems (which appear to be par with her dancing skills)

I really enjoyed this story, thanks.

But one could argue that if Twilight had forgotten that Rarity had died in the first place, and the subsequent expedition, she wouldn't even think to ask about those kinds of things. Maybe pondering the future but it would be from Twilight's perspective a hypothetical question/thought experiment which might loophole Luna's terms which forbade questions about Rarity's experience s in the underworld not, if I understand correctly, hypothetical questions about death.

Twilight is so Twilight, and Rarity is so Rarity.

Ahh tsk tsk tsk. Twilight, Twilight, Twilight...

Maybe instead of rescuing Rarity, Twilight should rescue both Luna and Rarity.

It's The Good Place rules, some things stick around after memory wipes if it happens often enough.

great now do the same but one of them is Ishtar and one is the Asirian underworld goddess, basically just follow the mith of Inana'/Ishtar's descend into the underworld where she loses the treasures of her father, after she stole them

Twilight you are a very silly pony.

Lovely as always Mono <3

...So anyway, why DOES the bell toll? :applejackconfused:

*sees short Description*
Oh i know this myth!

What fun! :rainbowlaugh:

So, how did she die the first time? Twilight remembering that she killed Rarity was a consequence of failing when getting her back, so there likely was an initial death that may have been none of her doing.

It took me awhile to read this, because I know the myth and was not really in a place to be demolished by tragic fate- and also I had completely missed that there was a comedy tag. Nice twist on the tale.

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